20 August 2011

On Designer Riots and Designer Wars

The Central Environmental Authority, as part of celebrating its 30th anniversary, held a seminar at the ‘Water’s Edge’ on Thursday, August 18, 2011.  During the discussion, a man called Elmore Alles, who described himself as a ‘naturalist’, observed that the recent upheavals in London could be described as ‘Designer Looting’. 
Although a certain randomness was inscribed on the violence by the use of the descriptive ‘riot’, it is clear that at worst it was an exploding of deep seated frustrations.  ‘Riots’ are small wars and if randomness refers to meaningless, destructive, violence that is illegal and morally repugnant, then what happened in London is essentially the same as the USA and Britain invading Iraq, the sanctioning of crimes against humanity in Libya and the continuing massacre of innocents in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Even the ‘adventures in democracy’ in the whole of Latin America and Caribbean, South East Asia and the Middle East can be called ‘Designer Riots’. 
A friend of mine from the Yaksha clan and a meticulous compiler of facts who understands that riot-designers prefer to be hidden from the public eye, emailed me a short story about riots.  It’s almost 450 years old.  The year is 1677.  This is his note:
‘Lord treasurer Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds, 1st Earl of Danby, etc., under Kings Charles II and William III of England, arranged the marriage between the Duke of York’s eldest daughter Mary and the Protestant William of Orange. Not wanting to depend on cash from Catholic France, and needing concrete support not available from public opinion, Danby wondered in 1677, whether ‘a small insurrection’ might not be desirable as an excuse for obtaining money and arms for the government.’
That was in 1677.  A few days ago I heard about a film called ‘The New American Century’.  This Massimo Mazzucco’s film follows his ‘Inganno Globale’ (Global Deceit), the 2006 effort which presented all the major inconsistencies pertaining to the official 9/11 story, indicating that the ‘spark’ necessary for the ‘Designer Wars’ on Iraq and Afghanistan was in fact an inside job.  ‘The New America Century’ is said to present ‘the historical, philosophical, economic and political background -- some of which is practically unknown to the general public -- that seems to support such accusation by the 9/11 Truth Movement’.
Every major war in US history was based on a complete fraud and that’s admitted by insiders themselves.  A hundred years ago the first film theaters in the US were used to broadcast propaganda to rile the American people into the Spanish-American War.  Not too long ago, white papers of the oil company Unocal called for the creation of a pipeline through Afghanistan.  The invasion of Afghanistan is fulfilling this need. 
The designers are not interested in democracy or peace.  They are not interested in ousting regional or eliminating thugs or vanquishing terrorism.  It is about profit.  If tyranny serves profiteering, tyranny is left alone. The same goes for monarchies, military juntas and other authoritarian systems.  It’s all about whose tyrant so and so is. 
We had our own designer war not too long ago.  That war was designer-made by a big neighbor.  Some say it was to punish the then president for being a loyal Yes-Man of Uncle Sam, so much so that he earned the sobriquet ‘Yankee Dickey’.  On the other hand the said big neighbor, in 1991, genuflected before the IMF, taking the wrong path that the small neighbor had taken 13 years previously.  More pertinent, probably, was the separatist fervor gaining momentum in the southern part of that big country.  It was time to design a deflection.  Money, guns and expertise were loaned to make sure that the small neighbor burned.  It burned for 30 years and in the process burnt the designer too. 
London was a riot.  A riot of design, as the naturalist claimed.  Not new, ladies and gentlemen, no.  The history of the modern world is about designer wars, it can be claimed.  And like all crimes, it is useful to ask, ‘who benefitted the most and how’ and you will get the identity of the designer.