14 March 2012

Amnesty International’s mouth stumped by its tongue

Peter Splinter, Amnesty International’s representative to the United Nations, commenting on Sri Lanka, said that Sri Lanka’s position on issues of human rights is akin to someone who, having murdered his parents, is now demanding sympathy on account of being an orphan.  

It is now clearly established that Amnesty International (AI) has received funds from LTTE front groups and that as such its position on Sri Lanka has been compromised beyond salvation.  While AI’s unholy friendship with pro-LTTE groups and operatives has been well known for quite a long time, its assertions regarding Sri Lanka are, not surprisingly, informed by the wild claims made by terrorist proxies.  To place value on the claims made by such unsavoury sources says a lot about AI’s integrity and professionalism.  In this instance, the metaphors of parent, child, patricide and matricide, and orphaning, warrant lengthy comment.

Who pioneered suicide bombing?  Who is the biggest culprit when it comes to abducting children and forcing them into combat operations?  Who was responsible for lining up and summarily executing some 600 unarmed policemen?  Who ethnically cleansed an entire peninsula (Jaffna) of Muslims? Who killed in cold blood some 400 Muslims while at prayer in two mosques?  Who was engaged in human trafficking, drug running, arms smuggling, credit card fraud all over the world?  Who has been found guilty of extortion and arms purchase for terrorist purposes?

The LTTE.  The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.  The parent organization of the Global Tamil Forum, British Tamil Forum, Canadian Tamil Congress, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam and others. That’s the answer to the above set of question.  Does Peter Splinter know? Does he care? What says Amnesty International?

So who is the parent-killer here?  Who is demanding sympathy and redress?  Sri Lanka was held to ransom by LTTE terrorism for over thirty years.  The LTTE stymied all attempts at a negotiated settlement to end the blood-letting. The LTTE, in all its operations, were backed to the hilt by the very same organizations that are pointing fingers at Sri Lanka and egging on outfits such as AI.  Had not the war ended in May 2009, it is reasonable to assume that hundreds of thousands of people would have died, some caught in crossfire but most from LTTE attacks deliberately targeting civilians by way of suicide attacks and bomb explosions. 

The Sri Lankan security forces brought the war to an end, but more importantly rescued approximately 300,000 civilians held hostage by the LTTE.  The primary aggressor here is the LTTE.  Having effectively held a nation to hostage, caused untold damage to the economy, destroyed livelihoods, the LTTE (represented by its international rump) it is that is now painting itself as ‘orphan’.  It is this ‘orphan’ that Splinter and his politically and morally corrupt outfit is shedding tears over.   

What does Splinter and AI have to say about Afghanistan and Pakistan today, about Libya yesterday, about the yesterday, today and tomorrow of Iraq where there are true orphans who really don’t have a voice to talk about those who killed their parents, the US Government?  If we talk ‘proportion’, then whereas Sri Lanka ended a war, secured the release of hostages and created conditions for normalcy, including but not limited to resettlement, reconstruction and rehabilitation of ex-combatants and their reintegration into society (with marketable skills), the United States and its European allies have bombed and continue to bomb civilian areas.  This is not to rescue hostages.  It is to kill people suspected of being terrorists. 

Splinter knows well that the LTTE forcibly recruited children, snatching them from their parents and even murdering parents who refused to part with their children.  These children were put in the line of fire.  The LTTE sent children with explosives strapped to their person targeting civilians.  That was the ‘childhood’ that Splinter’s funders supported with bucks, arms, whitewashing and such. 

Only one thing remains to be asked: What does Splinter know about orphans and orphaning? 

There’s a Sinhala saying: kata boru kiwwath diva boru kiyanne nehe.  It means that even if the mouth tries to lie, the tongue does not.  Peter Splinter’s tongue has stumped his mouth.    


Anonymous said...

" Truth is stranger than fiction" The GOSL has eradicated terrorism, brought peace and progress , rehabilitated, those cought up in the clutches of the LTTE. The North & East are reaping every benefit known for advancement. Most important the children are back in school and happy.This is the truth & so for those who have evidently lost the means of making money from the sufferings of others,this pill is hard to swallow!

Angel Gabriel said...

Amnesty lost all dignity and the right to voice on HR, the day it was compromised by the LTTE front organizations to accept financial backing. Black money robs people of their rights - by using it to speak of rights does not set the record straight unless of course, some people's rights are more important than some other people's. Does Amnesty International, the highway robber of rights, still fancies it can get away with terrorist funding running through it's coffers?

Walter Rajaratne said...

Majority of Mahinda appointees are bandits who siphoned the begging bowl of the poor and continuing to do so gallivanting the globe under different pretexts. A couple of journalist moguls who were sent there on the taxpayers bill have done no different when they have been found either engaged in some immoral act or not doing the job assigned to them, disseminating the true picture of the ill-conceived US and West who are yearning for the blood of victorious SL armed services personnel, that is a thorn in their eye, having entrapped themselves in the Al Qaeda maze.

So it is the duty of the new face at the media front Malinda to do his duty with integrity so that Mahinda Rajapaksa can say at least I have done one justice by the SL armed services.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love it. The 21st Century Robin Hood Act. Rob from some. Gift to some others ....... Errrrr in this case gift to yourself and expect it to balance the scale.

Anonymous said...

Don't criticize people. I have a great idea. I am going to start hitting on Billiton the strip mining rapist of the Earth to hand me huge chunks of their money, so I can start preaching to others about eco-preservation. I don't know about the ecology but it will sure preserve me.

Monitor Chan said...

This patricide, matricide lingo seems to stem from JVP rhetoric a while back. Is the JVP now an NGO & no longer a political party?

Anonymous said...

AI (and others like them)act in deference to their paymasters. Just think who loses if terrorism is wiped out? Writing reports with unverifiable material and getting paid for it is such an easy life particularly for retired administrators. Who cares if it is blood money (as long as it is not their blood of course)? The only real qualification required is a very thick (metaphorical) hide.

Anonymous said...

A brilliant peace of writing.

Do you know under what grounds (or pretext) Adele Balansingham who now live in London flies under the radar or British law enforcement agencies and HR watch dogs (like AI, HRW) for her involvement in the LTTE? She was the leader of the LTTE women's brigade and there are youtube videos of her distributing cyanide capsules to children.

It has to be noted that when Karuna traveled to the UK for a short period, all those HR NGOs agitated for his arrest and prosecution (obviously, only after he left the LTTE). Meanwhile, Adele is living in the UK with no such troubles.

Monitor Chan said...

@anonymous 8
You forget. Charming Adele, generous and donating of Cyanide capsules, despite her married family name, is of lilly white skin and gold hair. Trust me org. such as AI, HRW, ICG, etc. (should I say ogres such as) will not care.

Dinu said...

In summery:

Charming Adele from regions fair
Cyanide capsules did give out dare
Has white skin & gold blond hair
Amnesty International won't care