22 May 2012


‘The Nation’ was launched on May 21, 2006. Six years ago. That’s nothing in the lifetime of a nation, but a it’s more than a ‘moment’ in the history of a newspaper. 
Six years ago, the debate was whether the LTTE could be militarily defeated.  Some argued that it was impossible and swore by ‘negotiations’. Others said ‘yes, we can’.  Six years later, that’s ‘old hat’.  The LTTE was crushed. Comprehensively. 

Six years ago, the country had to contend not only with a ruthless terrorist, but was burdened by a seriously flawed constitution, an economy in the doldrums, and an institutional arrangement that revolted against good governance, transparency and accountability.  Six years later, we have the same constitution, as flawed with the added handicap of lacking the insulation of bodies such as the independent  police and elections Commissions.  The institutional arrangement is intact and continues to trump accountability and transparency. 
Time passes. Some things are buried. Some are born.  We move along, if not in ecstasy then with a degree of confidence unimaginable six years ago.  Six years ago ‘hope’ was not even whispered; six years later, ‘hope’ careers across the length and breadth of the country.  Six years ago, the country was a mine field. Today the field is clear.

The years pass, challenges change colour and in dimension.  There is still work to be done.  There is still poverty. There is still corruption and power-abuse.  We are still a people burdened by a flawed constitution and living in a system that is heavily skewed in favor of the politician.  Those with power and wealth still call the shots. We are still kings and queens on election day and remain largely voiceless subjects in the long periods on other side of that highly overrated political moment.   
‘The Nation’ has seen all this.  It has not been a smooth journey for the country and neither has it been so for ‘The Nation’.  The country struggles to come to grips with new challenges, and so too do we, at ‘The Nation’, note that while there could be storms beyond our strength, this is no reason not to stand ramrod straight, and no reason whatsoever to panic. 

Six years ago, a newspaper was launched.  Six years later it rededicates itself to the larger nation, made up of all its citizens, all its hopes and fears, all its histories and heritages, its defeats and triumphs, its many flaws and its infinite potential to rebirth, and most of all its singular resilience even against unimaginable odds. 



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Kat said...

Congratulations NATION !

SANDIKA said...

you have come a few distance so far there is a long way awaiting to touch the heart pens of your team

'aa maga ketiy yaa yuthu dura bohoi enamudu awadiyen ya yuthu bawa dena yuthui ......'ekamuthu bawa sebai ehi watana kam bohoi'

Buba pethum !


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I told you could do it! Great!