11 September 2012

Arrest this thug!

Taken from www.indi.com (see blogpost on the same subject)
This is not the first time that the son of Mervin Silva, Minister of Public Relations and Public Affairs, has thrown his weight around. It is not the first time that Malaka Silva has violated the law.  It is not the first time he’s played cops-n-robbers with real weapons.  It is not the first time he has earned the wrath of all law-abiding citizens in this country. 

This is not the first time the son of a politician took the law into his hands.  Not the first time that common thugs operated as though political connections have them special powers to browbeat those who crossed their path.  It is no wonder that cartoonists regularly lampoon the generic political figure with pistol, club, knife or other weapon tucked into belt even as the brute is clothed in spotless white. 
Malaks is not out of order.  He is way out of order.  And if he moved from out-of-order to way-out-of-order it is not he but those who treated him with kids’ gloves the first time he erred that are to blame.  First and foremost his father.

Mervin Silva is a colorful politician and even though parents play a massive role in turning children into who they are, they cannot be held responsible for the wrongs they do ('Arrest this thug' is the title of an article I wrote several months ago).  In this case, however, Malaka is his father’s son in word and deed.  Mervin is a known brawler and Mervin is a brawler who has got off scot-free each time he pummeled someone.  ‘Can get away’ is a lesson that Mervin has been able to teach his son because those who had the power to put a stop to such lessons chose to look the other way.  They were in fact providing a classroom for Mervin to teach his son the finer points of thuggery. 

We have to understand, also, that among those who gave the all-clear to Mervin are those who voted for the man at the last Parliamentary Election.  That was endorsement.   This was the harvest that society reaped, but the bitter fruit had to be tasted by some innocent bystander who in all probability did not even vote for Mervin. 

Forget Mervin.  What’s Malaka’s track record?   In 2005, Malaka and his thugs attacked officers on a drug raid at a night club.  In September 2007 he hit Chaminda Senasinghe in his was hit with a pistol butt at the Bistro Latino Restaurant, before his gang of friends kicked and manhandled the fallen man.  His name, moreover, has come up, along with his father’s when big time drug traffickers and drug trafficking is discussed.

These multiple offences would have earned any other person long prison terms.  In comparison, Malaka has been treated like a king or at least a law-abiding citizen who was the victim of circumstances.  If that is the case, then every citizen should be allowed to carry guns. Every citizen should be able to walk into any place with friends and throw their weight around.  If all this is ok, we can get rid of the constitution, the President can resign and a general declaration made public: ‘Everyone for him/herself, good luck all: Anarchy Reigns!’ 

It is no laughing matter.  About ten years ago, Mervin stormed into the Divaina editorial office and threatened everyone, prompting an editorial titled ‘Me ballath bendala damanu!’ (Tie this dog up as well!).  His antics at Rupavahini are well documented, as are his theatrics when he tied a public servant to a tree.  He has raised the bar for thuggery and obnoxious flouting of power.  His son has taken the cue, it seems.  Those who suffer Mervin must now suffer his son.  And these ‘sufferers’ must be made to pay the price.  

Long before that, this thug has to be put behind bars.  He is a threat to peace.  There is no telling what he might do next.  The ordinary citizen cannot be put at risk.  Malaka Silva must be arrested forthwith and punished as would any other person who perpetrates the same infringements would be punished. Anything less will add up to a massive buck that will float up the political ladder and stop where it must.  


Anonymous said...

Please publish this in your paper, so that several others can endorse the truth of your words.
Because of many "malaka silva's who inhabit this country, we can jolly well claim "engalanthe ehema wunath Lankawe ehema wenne ne"!!!!!

Law and order of this country is in the hands of Malaka's, and Duminda's!

Anonymous said...

Once a goon always a goon. It is high time this pair should be put in their places; not in seats of authority, but behind bars. Its disqusting, simply disgusting that they are allowed to get away with this crap!

Susantha Goonatilake said...

Good Malinda. We who love the country want it to be better.

Susantha Goonatilake

Walter Rajaratne said...

Ok I am writing not in favour of this article. This is strictly for the sincerity we have for a man called Malinda. If not, for his pen. Are you out of your mind? This is not the most prudent thing you have done. Yes someone should write but of all it cannot be you.

Let those bigwigs like Dr.Dayan put his pen to these because he is fighting for justice to the oppressed Tamils with 13 and Pluses and hosannas to Butenis.

If not Shamindra Ferdinando who is promoting P-TOMies like Dr.Jayantha Dhanapala through his revisiting the war against terror, the sequel to Gota’s War. For a thug, even Budunwahanse is no big target when the President is with him.

Let me ask what the heck this Major doing in a den at wee hours with his Pistol. Intelligence in bedrooms. His commander must be pissing in his pants. Army must be wondering if Fonny had been there?

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that what we all try to do with our writings and comments seem to have almost no say in Sri Lanka. Malinda had written on the same issue some months ago and I wrote in August 2010 addressing the President in an open letter to take action. I expressed my frustration in that article which appeared on three websites with following words.

"Please reinstall freedom of expression and democratic rights of people in Sri Lanka. There is no other substitute authority other than you to exercise the power and to clear the path. Please do not disappoint the hearts of millions living in Sri Lanka, who perceive you as a symbol of national integrity and pride.

If Mervin Silva is incapable of finding his limits, please be kind enough to show him that you are the only President in Sri Lanka.."

Unwillingly, now I have to come to a conclusion that Mahinda Rajapakse would like to see how Malaka is playing the same role like his father to protect Namal when he becomes sole heir to the thronw one day.

Dr. Edward Perera

Anonymous said...

What most of these power hungry goons as well as the ones in the power do not realize is that, this cannot & will not go on for ever! History shows us that goons & thugs will get out of control, and would come to bite it's master someday.

The master is blinded by the power & praise showered upon him to realize this. Many have fallen due to this, and it is bound to happen in our little island as well. Unfortunately we have no where to turn to, as the ones waiting to take over from this regime, aren't any better.

For the unfortunate citizens of SL, has no choice as it seems they have to suffer under the better of the 2 devils. Someone needs to take these thugs out... forget the judiciary system. It is as corrupt as the rest. What we need is a Dark Night to rise up & take them out period... no judge, no jury after that seems to be good for the regime, so why not for the rest... The day is not far when this happens and can you say anarchy!!!

Walter Rajaratne said...

Hello Mr. Anonymous

Don’t waste your time. Judge, Jury and the Killer is none other than the rogue ruling the country. Through fear everyone is calling the spade a different name.

We had a similar nincompoop in nineties and you remember the place where he called it quits.

I only warned Malinda the risk he is taking.

Anonymous said...

I am also very much concerned about Malinda's personal safety. He is honest and straight forward.This could cause unnecessary problems. I belive in a kind of devine nature, which could protect people like Malinda who is well aware of what he is doing. All his work is for a better Sri lanka.

Dr. Edward

Dr. Upasiri de Silva said...

Malinda thank you very much for publishing this report about this thug Malinda. As long as Rajapaksa is under obligation to Mervyn this thug will not be arrested by the police. Mervyn has locked some skeletons belong yo Mahinda in his cupboard and as such Mahinda is very worried about them coming out if he order the arrest of Malaka. What is Gotabaya who orders every thing around and is responsible for the Army is doing now, when thugs attack Army officers off duty or on duty without any provocation. Is he waiting for the rest of the Army Officers to get Mervyn and Malaka killed?

Anonymous said...

I am not a supporter of the Rajapakse’s or for that matter any politician in our country today. They come into power humbly claiming to serve the people but only serve themselves by working against the people like this incident reflects. Unfortunately what we are experiencing in our country is proof of poor leadership which encourages- Corporate robbery, theft, murders, rapes, thuggery, compromising religious values and principles in exchange for temporary power, wealth and fame. The day will come when the party will end and they will not have any of their plundered wealth or fame to defend them. Yes Malaka will be arrested and then released. We know how this play out. We have seen it before and it will happen again. I have one question for this President. If Mervyn was from another political group would he have the same privileges of immunity that he has now? Dear Mr. President do not undermine my status as a Sri Lankan.

A government that crushed the world’s deadliest terrorist group does not have the means to prevent all of these ugly incidents that happen everyday? I have a name and identity and I feel humiliated as a Sri Lankan to write this post under “ anonymous” as I fear that a white van will appear and take me away from a family that I have to care for. The President has the audacity to invite the visiting dignitaries attending a Common Wealth forum to experience democracy in Sri Lanka. As Sri Lankans how much more can we take? Before a similar uprising such as the Arab Spring befalls our country I plead with all the authorities in power to restore peace and stability in our country and stop endorsing what this government professes. The days of an uprising are not far. We need to direct our efforts in developing this country on true fundamentals and not on unwanted hype and rhetoric. My work takes me to foreign countries and to meet business leaders of different countries. In reality Sri Lanka is nothing but an economic joke compared to the success of its south and south east Asian neighbors. Our people are being told utter lies of its progress because the masses fail to understand that we are an integral part of a global economy and we have to compete to progress. We are living on the success of having won a domestic war and yet are being left behind by the world. Sri Lanka needs to search for a leader urgently beyond the Rajapakses , Wickremasinghes, Fonsekas, Weerawansas, Hakkeems the TNA and clergy from any religion. The need of the hour is for a true Sri Lankan to emerge.,,,and that need is now.

Dr. Upasiri de Silva said...

My apologies Malinda. By mistake I wrote the name Malinda in lieu of Malaka.
Please read as THUG MALAKA.

Dr. Upasiri de Silva said...

If Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Mahinda Rajapaksa is not able to take action to arrest Malaka, I doubt weather they ever was responsible in eliminating the LTTE. If these two brothers did eliminate the LTTE then they should be able to eliminate these THUGS without any problem. Otherwise the people in Sri Lanka and the Army should take action to eliminate this father and son THUG corporation. This assault is not directed to this Army Major alone but evidently against the entire Defense Forces who eliminated the LTTE. If the Forces are incapable of eliminating these two THUGS -Mervyn and Malaka then there is something wrong with these brave soldiers.

Patriot said...

What the country needs badly at this hour is a VIGILANTE movement to fight these thugs who are protected by politicians. The Vigilantes should comprise of ex military personnel specially trained to hound terrorists - which will make their task easier to track down these cowardly thugs who probably must be hiding under their parents sarongs and sarees now. These thugs must be eliminated from our society once and for all. They won't be missed by the peace loving people of the country. If this is not done immediately, you will see more of these morons running amok and creating havoc amongst our people and wrecking peace in the country. ALL thugs involved in Drug peddling and moving around the hot spots in Colombo, must be targeted and ALL of them must be "exterminated". I APPEAL TO THE GALLANT EX MILITARY PERSONS TO START A VIGILANTE MOVEMENT IMMEDIATELY AND JUST SEND THESE THUGS TO JOIN PRABHAKARAN IN HELL!

Anonymous said...

During last few months a number of army soldiers committed suicide and a large number of soldiers on duty and ex-soldiers involved in brutal killings. Basically, I don't wish death to anybody but if any soldier in service or ex-soldier is planning to kill onseself, pls. impose that penalty to this father-son duos and win the respect of whole nation.

Anonymous said...

An out of control son
An out of control Minister
An out of control government
An out of control President ineffective of controlling corruption at the stock market, rapes, killings, dissaperences. I wish the same army that defeated the tigers defeats this corrupt regime soon.

Anonymous said...

The President proudly claims that he is from the village. He sure does run this country like the village headman. Why does he protect this man Mervin. He does not half a brain to be respected as a Sri Lankan

Anonymous said...


Very interesting – and very true!

Ramzeen said...

This is the first I've seen so many responses to a Malinda article. It should be a pointer to where the interests of his readers lie!

Appuhamy said...

What I can't understand is how this young Rehan who hails from respectable family backgrounds got involved with this low class "walang-bettas". I suppose he must be feeling powerful amongst all those thugs who surround this Malaka fellow. There are also certain other Colombo's high flying night owls - like Diren Nirmalingam - who are also seen in the company of this Malaka fellow for the same reason.

Nanda Seneviratne said...

Thank you Malinda, but ask yourself dont you think that the people in this country know about this and resent this. But yet given the chance Mervin and/or his son will win with majority to become a member in the parliment . Thus I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

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