17 September 2012

Remand is just the first step…

The first step has been taken.  Or rather, it has been made to be taken.  Should have happened a long time ago.  Had Malaka Silva been put in his place or had his father, Mervin Silva, been put in HIS place the first time he broke the law or threw his weight around, the Army Major Chandana Pradeep would not have been assaulted, the Police would not have been subjected to ridicule and the President been spared insinuation of complicity. 

Malaka Silva has surrendered himself, along with friend and fellow-accused, Rehan (son of Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Turkey, Bharathi Wijeratne, and who has taken the name of his mother’s second husband, the late Mano Wijeratne).  This is not the first time that Malaka has played cowboy.  The entire country knows that he got away with little more than a soft rap on his knuckles due to his political connections.  If he gets away this time with a mere warning or fine it would be scandalous.  The man is a maniac.  He is a threat to everyone’s security.  

Malaka Silva did not attack just a soldier.  He insulted the entire Army and by extension the Commander-in-Chief, President Mahinda Rajapaksa.  He insulted each and every man and woman who laid his/her life to protect the country from the threat of terrorism.  He insulted every mother and father who lost a son or daughter in that struggle, everyone who lost a spouse and every child who was orphaned.  He insulted every man, woman and child who had for years desperately wanted to live in a land free of checkpoints, bomb explosions and suicide attacks. 

Major Chandana Pradeep was a very special soldier who has carried out numerous and extremely dangerous operations against the LTTE.  He was solely responsible for the capture of the absconding terrorist leader Ram who had survived the final attack in and around the Nandikadal Lagoon.  Malaka is not fit to kiss the dust this Major walks on.  

Malaka and his gang had 6 pistols among them.  We are not a country free from terrorism when a gang of social misfits feel free to strut around thus armed.  It would be silly indeed to think that these self-styled cowboys were juvenile delinquents or young men who haven’t shed their adolescent anxieties.  They are adults. They were armed.  They have been caught on camera assaulting a man.
The people of this country have suffered enough at the hands of hooligan politicians.  They were relieved when the LTTE was defeated.  That relief was expressed time and again in the form of multiple victories for the ruling party at numerous elections.  There is gratitude but there was no blank cheque.  And yet, it appears that some people have been cashing the same cheque many times over.  The people have paid. Enough. 

Few, apart from die-hard LTTE loyalists and those who depended on that terrorist in order to secure political goodies, would lament the end of the LTTE.  Few, likewise, would shed tears if Malaka Silva got what he deserves.  They might even thank President Mahinda Rajapaksa.  If, for some reason, the man walks out free, whether we like it or not, he will take it as a sign that he was given a double-o tag of sorts, i.e. license to kill or at least assault.  Few would cheer such an eventuality.  It is something the Government would do well to keep in mind.


yudhanjaya said...

It's sad that this crap goes on, and WAS going on while the army was fighting a war up north. Looks like Sri Lanka still has plenty of terrorists - legit ones this time.

Dr. Edward Perera said...

"දෙවියන් පය ගැසීම ට බිය තැන මෝඩයෝ (දැන් නම් අපරාධකාරයෝ) පිනුම් ගසති "

Keep up your good work Malinda! We know who God is but unfortunately God does not know who these criminals are.

The stupid son is going to wind up the last scene of the circus initiated by his thug father. They were neither lions nor tigers but two donkeys in the circus.

Dr. Edward Perera said...

"තාල වර්ගයේ හැම ගසක්ම පොල් හෝ කිතුල් නොවේ. කෙඩෙරි ගැසුන කරටි කැඩුන නාටු පුවක් ගස් ද තාල වර්ගය ට අයත් වීමේ ඛේදවාචකය ට අපි වර්තමානයේ මුහුණ දෙමින් සිටිමු. මනුෂ්‍ය වේශයෙන් ඉපදුනත් පිශාචයන් වූ මිනිසුන් මෙතකැයි කියා කිව නොහැක"

sajic said...

'malaka silva did not attack just a soldier. he insulted the entire army and by extension the c-i-c'.
That statement is irrevelant surely?
When he attacked ordinary citizens he insulted the entire country. Shouldnt that be the greater priority? the soldier is not more important than the man on the street.
Let us hope that justice will be done and not only 'seen to be done'.

Ashoka Perera said...

A renown thug has written a stinker to a weekend paper, making a subtle move to separate the two thugs in line with the social strata. One from the gutter rakers and the other from elite class. This writer needs to know genealogy better. He is reminded that both family trees are identical. Born Thugs, with empty heads.

The surrender is just hogwash. Pressure mounting, MR felt something should be done to avert the groundswell. It’s time that both the thugs gutter/elite are dealt with. Armed services got a job in hand to reinvent a sophisticated tool akin to LLRP elimination. Mervin the monster and those in his payroll got to be taken out of the equation to set a standard. Time for another round of pyrotechnics fireworks and Kirbath to celebrate.

PNG said...

The media should keep up the momentum until Malaks is prosecuted.
Also the doctor who would have recommended the suspects to be put in the prison hospital should be taken to task. May not be a medical decision.

Ramzeen said...

So after absconding for over 2 weeks (and even paying homage to the Kapilavastu relics)he surrenders; and is immediately hospitalized for a spine ailment. Perhaps his backbone suddenly turned yellow. The other scumbag followed with a breathing problem. So they're both snoozing in hospital. The magistrate bought the story, too! They thumbed their noses at the legal system and the Courts helped them do it.

SANDIKA said...

' i personally believe that 'power of youth, the strength of youth' 'their physical strength' their inner 'power' we must try and use them all in a better way, useful way i must add. they should assigned with a 'HUGE RESPONSIBILITIES' i am sure they can contribute their talents and skills and their 'will power' for the development of this country, for improvement of everyone of many areas in an immeasurable way. we should give them some responsibilities not as punishments but to work as a 'true citizen of this country'.