18 September 2012


Malaka Silva, son of the Minister of Public Relations and Public Affairs, Mervin Silva, did not attack, hit or injure Major Chandana Pradeep at the JAIC-Hilton, Colombo, along with his friend Rehan and a bunch of others, some of whom were (not) armed. Since there was no assault, it was not captured on CCTV.  Malaka Silva is therefore the victim of a monumental and pernicious media drive to vilify him (and his father).  And we were all born yesterday.

The End.  


Channa said...

The end.
Is that Tenacious?

sajic said...

Malaka, Rehan and friends are very sick men-physically and, more important, mentally. They NEED hospital care-psychiatric care.
So do their lawyers.
(did you really expect anything else?)

Anonymous said...

Is this where one says 'I told you so?'

Janaka London said...

Malaka and Rehan are very good, well behaved, obedient and decent boys. Isn't it??Pls don't insult them. ha..ha..haaaaa
Yes, Malinda. You are correct, if we were born yesterday. This is an insult to our brave armed forces. Where is this country going? (to dogs) Sad, sad and pathetic. I am sick of this

Anonymous said...

No doubt these good innocent well-behaved boys will soon be made
SL Ambassadors to some poor unsuspecting country!

Dr. Edward Perera said...

Some may think that this is a beginning of uncertain tomorrow. I am certain that people like me have no tomorrow in Sri Lanka as it is forcefully taken by Doctor's son and his immediate associates.

Will this lead to a kind of mass phobia in Sri Lanka. Should people in Sri Lanka live only with fear?

Loss of faith in own country will definitely end up with a big disaster. A country without future is a vehicle without wheels. People are seated inside it because a bogus driver is ready to run the vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Did I hear someone saying banana Republic?


Will this fiasco end at this. Is it not the responsibility of the Army to inquire into the injuries of the major. I get the feeling that the major needs to be demoted or even stripped of rank. Shame on you Mr.

Ramzeen said...

The facts are out: Malaka Silva assaulted himself and injured his own spine. That shows that he even had one! In the process one of his blows landed on Rehan. Its as simple as that - all you (includes me too) stupid people.