05 September 2013

CHOGM and beggars

It is reported that in view of the forthcoming CHOGM, beggars are being arrested left and right.  That's probably to give the impression that Sri Lanka is beggar-free or that this eye-sore is an urban-blight element that authorities cannot bear.  We know that not all beggars are poor, that it is an organized racket where the king pins make big money.  But if it is about getting rid of beggars, why won't the authorities crack down on the big names?  We have, for example, those who use tax payers' money to roam the globe begging for investments and funds.  We have beggars in the I/NGO sector begging donors for donor dollars/euros. We have the TNA begging India to deliver Eelam.  We have human rights racketeers begging Navi Pillay to orchestrate regime-change.  We have UNP loyalists begging to all gods to get rid of Ranil.  Now if all beggars were treated equally, where would they be taken? 


sajic said...

Your message would have been more powerful and appealing if you had focussed on the immorality of arresting beggars on the streets just to impress the foreign visitors. I'm sure they are all fully aware that Sri Lanka has its share of poverty.