12 September 2013

Even terrorism pays (but only in Sri Lanka)!

It is reported that ex-LTTE combatants are set to secure IT/BPO jobs. They are able to apply and get such jobs because while they were in custody, the Government spared no pains to give them opportunity to obtain education and marketable skills.  Terrorist suspects in facilities run by the US military, on the other hand, hardly dream of getting a job; they just wonder when the torture (including electric shocks, water-boarding, silent treatment, dark room confinement) will end, when they will be tried. 


Anonymous said...

An easier route to the Sri Lankan establishment appears to be if you had already been in the LTTE. The word on the street is that the Dual Nationality Scheme was suspended in order to stop the LTTE supporters in the West from entering Sri Lanka. In fact what they have done is to stop the genuine former Sri Lankans from residing here but welcome the die-hard LTTE'rs with open arms.