12 October 2013

View from Ritigala [First week of October 2013]

Elephants at worship
A wild elephant carrying a wound in a leg is reported to have come to the Kebiliththa Devale to worship.  We don't how wild or mild the two-legged cousins of this devoted elephant are. We don't know if the wild elephant's wounds got healed.  But considering all the wounds inflicted on those in the elephant party again and again by voters, a trip to Kebiliththa may not be such a bad idea!
Pavithra's Masurang Katha
CHOGM will open up priceless opportunities for Sri Lanka, Minister of Power and Energy, Pavithra Wanniarachchi claims.She was talking about the 'real ground situation' and says that Sri Lanka can tell the world 'what type of a country and people' we are.  Let us hope that 'The World' will not check the front pages of our newspapers! 
Ranil's doosra stumps Sajith
The empire strikes back. Sorry, the emperor strikes back!  Ranil Wickremesinghe in the midst of the now usual post-election moves to oust him has come up with a fresh idea. Yes, a FRESH one; he usually gets into defensive mode and employs delaying tactics. This time he has got the Matara District UNPers to propose Sajith Premadasa as the party's Chief Ministerial candidate at the forthcoming Southern Provincial Council election.  Given trends, only a miracle will save the UNP from yet another embarrassment, this everyone knows.  If Sajith takes up the challenge, he will get to share the loser tag with his leader. If he doesn't, he will be called a coward.  Smart move by the Leader, for a change.  
A nudist colony in Sri Lanka?
Deputy Minister Premalal Jayasekara has vowed to walk naked through the streets of Ratnapura if anyone could prove he had used illegal means to grab land belonging to state companies.  While this implies that he may have used LEGAL means to get a few square inches of soil, what is more important is the challenge. Now all ministers, deputy ministers and indeed all elected politicians can take a leaf from Jayasekara's book, pledging to shed.  Did we hear someone say redi gelavei (the clothes will come off!)? 
Who is the SLMC taking for a ride?
General Secretary, Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) M.T. Hassan Ali has said that the Government could not take the Tamils for a ride.  let's forget whether or not this government or its predecessors took the Tamils for a ride or whether Tamil politicians and terrorists took these governments for a ride. Let's forget that Tamils were taken for a longer and bumpy ride by Tamil leaders.  But isn't it true that the SLMC has been taking the Muslims for a ride for a long time, with the leaders betraying popular sentiment just to save their ministerial portfolios?  What say you Mr. Hassan Ali?