21 October 2013

View from Ritigala

[The third week of October 2013 as reported by Kadawara]
The self-dwarfing of Canada and Harper

Hugh Segal, Canada's special envoy to the Commonwealth, has accused Kamalesh Sharma of "acting as a shill [a stooge] for the Sri Lankan leadership, defending their every mistake".
Perhaps Segal, like Canada's premier, Stephen Harper, is peeved that Canada's boycott hasn't caused any ripples in the Commonwealth, but if Sharma is Colombo's stooge, then Colombo must be much bigger than Canada, and Harper a dwarf compared to Mahinda Rajapaksa. 
Mangala's 'defence'
UNP parliamentarian Mangala Samaraweera claims that his supporters were only 'retaliating' to an attack and that talk about his thugs trying to disrupt an anti-Ranil march is nonsense.  Well, the video footage shows his thugs swarming from all sides to attack the other party.  This is poor media spin on the former Media Minister's part.  No wonder that the various websites that have his blessings don't post news but propaganda.  The question is, in the unlikely event that the UNP comes to power anytime soon and the even more unlikely event of Mangala getting a 'top' ministerial post, would it be 'The Ministry of Spin' or the 'Ministry of Churning out Stupid Excuses'?
Rev Rayappu Joseph entangled in a fishnet
The Bishop of Manner wants to talk to some lady in Tamil Nadu about poaching.  That's sweet of him.  And naïve.  The good reverend doesn't understand that stuff that happens at sea can only be sorted out through discussions of the state-to-state kind, i.e. between Delhi and Colombo. 
What is funny about his latest tirade is that he is blaming the Government for not resolving the issue.  This priest said not a word when the LTTE's antics (which included gun-running, smuggling and 'naval operations') made fishing impossible.  It is funny also that he doesn't question the 'love' professed for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka by the very people who are goading the poachers, Jayalalithaa included.  
Calling surgeons in Karapitiya!
An operation that was conducted on a two-and-a-half-year-old infant in the Kananke area in Imaduwa has been successful.  There are many freak accidents that take place all the time.  Some are so freaky that it is difficult to even begin thinking about how to put things right.  This was one such accident.  This and other surgeries successfully done at Karapitiya Hospital indicates that there are some very special surgeons there. 
Considering that there have been innumerable knifings and innumerable 'accidents' that impair vision, most of them in Colombo, perhaps it is time to transfer the entire team of surgeons or even open a 'branch' of that institution to in the city.  The only problem is that they might not have enough human and other resources.  So many knives in and around Parliament, so many people with their vision impaired due to knifing, i.e. being knifed and indulging in knifing of their own!
More work for Karapitiya doctors
It is reported that doctors at the Karapitiya Hospital have 'fixed' the skull of a child that had been broken into 8 pieces by a falling coconut.  This suggests that they are eminently qualified to treat those politicians who seem to have so little brains that it has to be due to fissures or gaping holes in that which keeps the brain in place, meaning the skull.
Loud horns and loud mouths
From next week drivers who cannot stop themselves from loudly tooting their horns will have their vehicles checked.  It is not just the volume, though; the frequency can also annoy.  Be that as it may, isn't it time that loud politicians are also checked and if necessary gagged? There are some who don't know the difference between talk and scream.  There are also those who need to have some kind of brakes installed inside their mouths to curb tongue and vocal chord.  The resultant silence would be lovely.  In the very least others will be able to hear themselves think for a change!
'Parangiya goes to Kotte' Sri Lankan style
It is rumored that a few weeks from now some heads of state of countries plundered by the British are to arrive in Sri Lanka to talk about...well...one supposes all the benefits of colonialism and how grateful they all are.  Anyway, in a dress-rehearsal of how city life is to be when these ladies and gentlemen gather to sing praises of the empire, some roads were closed.  The question is, how many times must the people of countries such as Sri Lanka do the run-around before they learn to call a spade a spade and a common thief and common thief? All we are 'receiving' as of now is the 'gift' of having to send out hands around our heads to touch our noses.  And we are expect to cheer, damn it!


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