07 November 2013

Ever-green Reds and other fascinating creatures

Balloth ekka bae
The unanticipated balu-prashne that had animal lovers up in arms when the Southern Express Highway was opened, appears to have been relocated to the area between Peliyagoda and Katunayake.  But this time the authorities were ready.  A total of 100 stray dogs loitering along the new highway had been caught and taken away.  Nets were used to catch them, so as to cause minimum harm to the creatures.  All this was done by an outfit called Animal Lovers Zone.  Now all dogs stray.  And there are many humans who 'stray', who get in the way of people who just want to be left alone, just want to get from here to there. So about a 'People Lovers Zone' that nets errant human beings who do balu-weda or 'dog-things'? 
Ah Sangaree!
The evergreen leader of the TULF is peeved at the treatment meted out to him by the likes of R. Sampanthan and S. Premachandran.  He believes that there is a conspiracy to oust him from the TNA and that there was a deliberate strategy to ensure he would be defeated at the recently concluded PC elections.  Strangely, though, the good Anandasangaree has not taken his case before the people of Kilinochchi. He's gone to a man called Rayappu Joseph, Father R.J, that is.  So is this Fr. Joseph the Overlord of the Northern Province or the Patron Saint of the TNA?  Wasn't this the same man who once supported the LTTE, directly and indirectly?  So what is Anandasangaree saying here? 
Rogue State identified
Whenever the State Department of the USA made pronouncements about 'rogue states', it smelt fishy.  The first lesson in battle is to vilify enemy and 'rogue state' (like 'failed state') is a useful tag.  On the other hand, considering all the sly stuff that Washington has bee up to (spying on friends for example), if any country on earth deserves the tag, it is the United States of America!  

Time for pandu
The United National Party (UNP) today said the Deputy Minister of Postal Services, Sanath Jayasuriya should resign from his post in the Sri Lanka Cricket Board, citing that he did not have enough time to spare for the betterment of cricket.  The reason?  'He's abroad most of the time'. 
We don't know how the Master Blaster spends his time, but what does the UNP leadership do, would Western Provincial Councillor Niroshan Padukka tell us? As things stand it looks like the elephants are playing pandu with one another and don't have time to do anything else, not even to go abroad and certainly not to be a halfway decent opposition. 
Right up her street?
Nimalka Fernando wants abortion and prostitution legalized.  Some might raise eyebrows, but this is a perfectly legitimate demand.  Nimalka knows about prostitution, all the ins and outs of the trade, for she belongs to a cartel that was ready to prostitute nation, security and peace in order to obtain preferred outcome: an extended run for Prabhakaran and the LTTE.  As for abortion, the lady is doing her best to mangle the hard-earned peace subsequent to the vanquishing of terrorism.  She did all this on the sly.  Now she wants it to be made legal.  Can't blame her.
Go Bahu Go!
The joint opposition (so-called) is planning to agitate during CHOGM. Guess who is leading the pack?  Why, it's Comrade Wickramabahu Karunaratne.  No offense, but Bahu?  The man can't buy a vote if his life depended on it.  If the 'Joint Opposition' is banking on Bahu to deliver anything, even discernible presence, in these protests, they are poor indeed, what?
Thinking ahead
Canada will not attend CHOGM 2013. India might not attend.  That's their business. Perhaps the Government is conscious of future boycotts and wants to take preemptive measures.  Is this why they've planned to give the names of participating heads of state to the elephants in Udawalawe National Park? Next time, if someone boycotts, a trunk call can be put through and an immediate replacement found.  Come to think of it, all the names of all the heads of state should be given to elephants.  And why limit it to elephants?  What's one animal over another, after all.  Creatures are creatures.  Any species would do. Whatever is convenient.  Better still, these creatures could have a CHOGM of their own.  It won't make much of a difference.


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