09 November 2013

Re-dressing Victoria and other minor matters of CHOGM

[Kadawara moves from Ritigala to the London Eye just to survey the Common Welt]
Let's celebrate subjugation
There's only one thing 'common' about the Commonwealth: all members were well and truly kicked in the gut by one, Britain.  So what's there to shout about the Commonwealth?  Nothing.  If all the frills are taken out, it boils down to this:  all member states bowing down to Prince Charles and saying 'On behalf of all our ancestors robbed, tortured and killed by your ancestors, we wish to say THANK YOU YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS!'
A commonwealth of silence
When a member state (India) finances, arms and trains terrorists in order to destabilize another member state the Commonwealth said nothing.  When the citizens of member states such as Pakistan are attacked and killed indiscriminately by entities outside the Commonwealth (such as the USA), there is silence.  So what's CHOGM 2013 going to be about if not a grand Symphony of Silence on Important Issues?
Re-dressing Victoria
The lady is being washed and cleaned. For the CHOGM.  She is, in essence, being rehabilitated.  Sigmund Freud would have a lot to say about that, but he too is dead.  On the other hand, the lady is live and kicking in that what even now passes off for pristine local culture are the norms and values, rules and regulations, no-no things and such.  In this context it is not re-dressing that is needed but undressing, not of Victoria but Sri Lankans.  Undressed of Victorian remnant, that is.  The chastity belts of the mind. 
The pets we love
It is time to recall what Andare Smith (Grandson of Adam Smith) once said about pets: 'Some people keep cats as pets, some have pet cats and others have parrots; but all of us, without exception, take care with much love a suddha (white person) in our heads'.