04 December 2013

The 'Who Knows Jaffna Best' Competition and other tidbits of the week

Who is leaving whom? 

Tilvin Silva of the JVP thundered from the stage at Hyde Park.  He said that the Government is fast losing support and that's why there's talk of 2014 being an election year.  Results will show of course, but if one compares the kind of rallies that JVP used to have with the numbers that came to Hyde Park last Monday, it is pretty hard to think that the UPFA losses are appearing in the JVP column as 'gain'.

The dream thief

Gayantha says that the government had robbed ordinary people of their dreams.  It looks like the entire country is full of dream robbers.  The JVP seems to have robbed the working class of its dreams. And the UNP?  Well, the robbery is of such a magnitude that we hear that party loyalists have long since stopped dreaming!

Mangala’s memory-slip

Mangala Samaraweera used to be the Media Minister.  He should know about censorship, intimidation and even murder of journalists during that time.  That was however a long time ago.  It’s been quite a while since he was Media Minister.  Indeed, it’s quite a while since he was minister of anything.  Perhaps it is just that old habits die hard. The man wants to gag Sirasa TV.  He wants the ‘Maharaja’ behind bars.  It’s not something that even Keheliya can do, even if he wanted to and we know that there’s been a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle gagging that this government is guilty of.  But Mangala?  The man’s in the Opposition.  Wait, he is not just in the Opposition but in the Weakest Opposition in recent times.  Ambition is not a bad thing of course, but this certainly is as big as ambitions go!

GL's 'world'
Minister of External Affairs Prof G.L. Peiris claims that Budget 2014 will benefit 'all sections of society'.  What society is the good professor thinking about, one wonders. Is this 'society' made of politicians and big businessmen?  Does it include the underworld, which, it is reported makes a lot of money, whoever happens to be in power?  Perhaps he doesn't think teachers, including university lecturers, are part of 'society'.  Maybe pensioners are not counted?   Or is his world made of those he wines and dines with? 

Who Knows Jaffna Best Competition

Tamils in London, Toronto, Melbourne and Boston think Murali doesn't know anything about Tamils in the North.  The good people who make wonderfully creative movies in a media outfit called Channel 4 think they know more about Jaffna and the people who live there than Murali.  But the key question is this:  What does this guy called C.V. Wigneswaran know?