06 January 2014

Robust Ranil and other tidbits

Ranil the Robust

The Chairman of the Damana Pradeshiya is reported to have fainted when the annual budget was defeated.  Now if defeat of a mere budget and that of a mere local government authority warrants fainting, what kind of collapse must we expect from the Grandmaster of Defeat, Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe?  The man has not flinched.  Respect!

Ranjan the Fearless

Perhaps defeat after defeat after defeat can nurture defeatism, but lack of self-confidence?  We had Ravi Karunanayake saying he would resign his parliamentary seat and contest the Western Provincial Council if Sajith Premadasa did likewise to contest the Southern.  That if-then clause didn't fool anyone.  Harsha De Silva seems to have got cold feet.  But Ranjan the Tough-in-Film has decided to enter the fray.  All power to him.  He, at least, has the guts!

Chandrika the Fall Gal

'Looking for Someone Else' seems to be the line of the UNP when it comes to big elections as well.  Someone Else who will be defeated, Someone Else who will take the flak.  That's an insurance plan of a defeatist party.  The last time it was Sarath Fonseka. He was naive enough.  He was safe enough. His defeat was guaranteed. At the end of the day, Ranil Wickremesinghe remained at the helm of the party.  This time it is Chandrika Kumaratunga.  She's not naive but that could be 'compensated for' by a bit or arrogance.  The only difference between Fonseka and Kumaratunga is this:  Fonseka is a guy, Chandrika is a gal.

Minister of All Ministries

Whenever there's a mess in the education system, be it Z-scores of union action, things finally get sorted by one individual.  The President.  It's the same with almost everything.    Just the other day he had to intervene to sort out the MILCO workers' strike.  He is one day Minister of Education and the next the Minister of Labor.  Perhaps it is due to the incompetence and timidity of his ministers. Perhaps it's because they lack the power.  Whatever the reason is, the President has to step in at every turn.  Wouldn't it be best for him to dismiss all his ministers and have a one-person cabinet instead? 

The Cruelty of Impotency

An Indian woman has petitioned a court to rule that impotency on the part of her husband amounts to cruelty.  This is new.  If the court rules in favor it might prompt her counterparts in Sri Lanka to follow suit. If a Sri Lankan court decides that impotency is indeed cruel, then we could very well see a host of other petitions.  We have, after all, lots and lots of can't-do-ministers, can't-do-officials, can't-do-opposition-politicians and can't-do-professionals.  We are all victims of their impotency and therefore victims of cruelty.    But then again, are we a can't-do-people?  Are we cruel to ourselves?  A masochistic nation, then?   


Anonymous said...

images are missing.

Malinda Seneviratne said...

shows up on my computer...strange.

Anonymous said...

Got to say not only the writing, these cartoons are awesome too ! Obviously your story-telling works really well together with a good illustrator. Hilarious !