26 January 2014

That's Entertainment!

That's entertainment!

It's official. The distinction between politicians and actors (and of course actresses) has been erased. Politicians have been play-acting for such a long time that professional actors and actresses or rather those who think they are 'professional' think that politics is just another teledrama.  A Mega Teledrama.  Lots and lots and lots of episodes.  Very soon, ladies and gentlemen, the very name 'parliament' would go. It will be replaced with 'Nadagam Maduwa'.  

Sanga the brand ambassador

This was said by someone watching Sri Lanka play Pakistan in the recently concluded One-Day series in the UAE: 'Sangakkara has endorsed so many products and brands that when I see him playing cricket I am not sure if it's part of an ad!'  Who knows, this might be true too! 

Kelaniya as Tree-Planting Capital

Rumour has it that people in the Kelaniya Electorate have got busy planting trees.  Some are ready for the long haul and are going with seeds and seedlings. Others are getting ready for a calamity that they think will be over soon.  Such people are going for root-ball measures. It's happening all over. One reason:  Mervin and the anticipation of people being tied to trees.  

Trips, trips and trips

The UNP's Parliamentary Group has unanimously decided that no member of the party should accompany the President on foreign tours, unless it is a funeral or else a religious event of international scale. Solidarity is a good thing.  It also makes sense for the party to insist that members don't trot along behind the leader of another party.  

They could have or should have come to another unanimous decision, however.  The UNP Parliamentary Group could have decided that the whole bunch should tag along with their own leader wherever he goes.  Had it been taken up for vote, how many would have said 'yes' and how many 'no'? 
Has HRW progressed?

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has concluded that Sri Lanka has not made much progress with regard to human rights record.  That's an old story. Saying over and over again a story that has been told by A to B to C to D etc etc without once questioning the reliability of A indicate rank anti-intellectualism on the part of the believer.  The question then is whether HRW has made any progress over the past several years.  Watching is good but it can't be done with eyes closed.  That's something HRW must learn.  Maybe they don't teach that in Kinderfarten. 


sajic said...

Well, Malinda, at least the so-called
'actresses' are goodlooking unlike the men (would-be actors)! If we are going to watch drama in the House, it will be a pleasure to watch the ladies!

Ramzeen said...

On a sober note one should note that entertainers who supposedly getting paid for something they love to do, are now taking a detour to easy money. Why not, when the door is open to easy street where sycophancy rules and ordinary people will praise you, protect you, fawn on you and thoroughly spoil with for no obvious reason?
What does this reveal about our political system and the intelligence of our voting public?