24 February 2014

Modi's ignorance and other tidbits

Modi's ignorance

Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has assured that no military support would be given to Sri Lanka in the event the BJP comes to power.  Modi is only PM 'in waiting' and could be forgiven for not being familiar with stock Indian foreign policy with respect to Sri Lanka.  He will learn by and by, perhaps, what the Delhi line on Sri Lanka really is: 'No support whatsoever to Sri Lanka', i.e. the unfriendly and non-cooperative policy is not limited to things military but encompasses all spheres. 

Tamil Nadu joy

The Indian Supreme Court's decision to commute the death sentence of three assassins of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to life imprisonment has sparked off wild celebrations in Tamil Nadu. It would seem at first glance that Tamil Nadu has a forgive-forget genetic strain; after all the victim was the Head of State.  Was it because the murders are fraternal Tamils?  It's hard to say.  Now just across the Palk Straits, the Sri Lankan Government set free more than 11,000 members of that brutal organization.  It was not a death to life-sentence commuting.  It was, if the US Guidebook on Terrorist Suspects was used as model, a magnanimous decision to change 'life sentence' to 'full freedom'.  No cheers from Tamil Nadu applauding the Sri Lankan Government.  Why not?

Will Duminda ever forget Wanathamulla?

The I-can't-remember ruling party 'strong' man Duminda Silva was taught a lesson about a week ago.  When he decided to check out the tense situation in Wanathamulla following the disappearance of a resident opposed to certain moves by the Urban Development Ministry, 'Muscleman Dumi' was greeted to boos and shouts of 'kudu kaaraya' (drug addict/peddler) with a few water bottles tossed in his direction to boot.  It looks that Dumi can get away with murder in most places but not in Wanathamulla.  Few feel sorry for Dumi but many are cheering the residents of Wanathamulla.  It is unlikely that Duminda will forget being forced to beat a hasty retreat in the face of community anger. 

Gammanpila's 100 buck scheme can be bucked 

JHU's Udaya Gammanpila, who is also the ruling coalition’s leader for the Colombo District in the forthcoming PC elections has asked supporters to contribute Rs. 100 each towards the campaign.  It is strange that no one has thought of undercutting the politician in these times of savage competition and price wars.  Someone can say 'Udaya is asking for a lot but I on the other hand, request just 50 bucks'. Someone else can say '20 and no more'.  It can get very creative too.  Someone can say 'Give me 50, I'll give Bahu 30' and someone else in a Sakvithi frame of mind could say, 'give me 40 and I'll give you 120 in six months’ time'.

An Opposition called Wanatha

The residents of Wanathamulla did what the UNP is too lazy to do and the JVP too wounded by in-fighting to do.  They were, for a while, THE OPPOSITION.  They neither waved green nor red, and yet, they did capture the attention of the general public and won some applause too.   The UNP has not cottoned on, but the in-reduced-circumstances JVP is reported to be scouting the area for potential supporters.