16 February 2014

Ranil's expertise and other tidbits

Ranil's expertise

Ranil Wickremesinghe has a solution, he says.  He says he knows how to resolve problems between Sri Lanka and India.  That's great.  We know of course that not all solution-blueprints are applicable to all contexts, but if Ranil can sort out a problem between two member states of the United Nations, surely he can sort out the little misunderstandings, the bickering and other irritants among those in his party? 

Bahu's expertise

Wickramabahu Karunaratne knows stuff.  A lot of stuff.  He knows everything that happened during the three decades the country was engulfed by the flames of terrorism. He knows who was killed, how the killing was done, where it was done etc etc etc.  He knows, therefore, how many were killed, by whom, where, when and how.  He has a PhD in engineering, so he must know some math. He probably can add.  But the good Comrade Bahu doesn't know the names of those in his own party.  Worse, he knows the names of some non-existing people too.  So what do we make of all those grand statements he's been making, especially about 'disappearances' and 'genocide' all these years, especially about the final stages of the battle between the security forces and the LTTE?  Have we been had? 

Soldiers in and out of uniform 

Ex-Army Major Ajith Prasanna got into his old uniform and threw his weight around.  The uniform, he believes, helps boost his image as he seeks to get elected.  He may be correct to an extent.  But people are not stupid.  Inside all uniforms there's a person and the true character comes out, sooner or later. In this instance, the thug within him has come out.  It is good that the Army Commander has issued a warning about abusing army uniforms in this way.  But it also reminds us of another ex-soldier who doesn't wear his uniform.  Another Army Commander. Sarath Fonseka.  He doesn't wear a uniform but perhaps sobered after a good swig of realpolitik, he looks every inch a soldier.  Focused.  Disciplined.

Ravi K's expertise

Ravi Karunanayake is sad.  He believes that the UNP could have fielded a better set of candidates for the forthcoming PC elections.  Those who were eventually chosen must be upset that someone in the Leadership Council believes they are not up to mark.  What's more troubling is the fact that Ravi is virtually admitting impotency.  After all, if someone in in the Leadership Council can't persuade fellow-members to pencil in some solid names, it has to indicate incompetence at some level.  Or is it that 'better people' are not interested in contesting on the UNP ticket? 

Round up all the beggars! 

It is reported that 57 beggars have been rounded up by the Environmental Protection Unit in Colombo in collaboration with the Police in Pettah and Fort.  These beggars, it is alleged, are involved in all kinds of criminal activities such as drugs and prostitution.  One wonders if the Environmental Protection Unit is being very selective in this clean-up business.  There are several hundred beggars roaming around the Western Province (and of course the Southern), desecrating walls, adding to urban-squalor and contributing to visual pollution with posters, leaflets, hoardings, loudspeakers etc.  They are beggars, all of them.  They are polluters, all of them.  Arrest these beggars too, Mr IGP!