02 March 2014

India and uncontained cats and other tidbits

India and uncontained cats

A leopard that had made its way into the northern Indian town of Meerut caused a lot of panic, it is reported.  One leopard. A single member of the cat family.  Just imagine if India had to deal with 20,000-30,000 tigers on the loose.  Can you even begin to imagine the havoc?  

Who tarnishes country's image?

The President says it is the Opposition.  It's hard to say.  These days there is hardly any opposition to talk about.  The line separating government and opposition is smudged because so many have crossed over.  If every highhanded act peels off a bit of colour from the country's image, then it's not the opposition that's doing the tarnishing.  Sure, the opposition is the happy play-thing of forces intent on destabilizing Sri Lanka, but that's just one kind of tarnishing.  When it comes to day-to-day tarnishing, ministers and members of parliament from the ruling party are hard to beat.
India's neighborly love for Sri Lanka

India is reported to have banned Callum McRae's excuse-for-journalism 'No Fire Zone'.  The reason?  It might offend a friendly neighbouring country -- that's Sri Lanka.  So India says.  If India is so concerned about offending Sri Lanka, then India can adopt a hands-off policy on Sri Lanka.  If not, India should not only un-ban Callum McRae's film (wrongly called 'documentary') but honour him with the top title reserved for non-Indians.  India can't have it both ways.
Wiggie's impotence

The Northern Chief Minister is upset.  C.V. Wiggie is wringing his hands.  He can't do a thing he says.  He blames the Government.  He blames inadequacies in the 13th Amendment.  He blames everything and everyone.  But had he checked out what people like Udaya Gammanpila has done given the very same constitutional inadequacies, Wiggie might stop pointing fingers.  Instead of blaming others, he might blame himself for his impotency. 
The cattle have rebelled and how!

While human  beings are arguing about the ethics of cattle slaughter, some saying 'fair game' and others saying 'over our dead bodies', it seems that the creature at the center of the debate (whose opinions on the matter have not been sought) has taken matters into its own hands.  They've decided to get infected.  Hoof and Mouth.  'Try eating us now, punk!' they seem to be saying. 
Royce Fernando's love

He so loved the people he wanted to serve that he robbed Rs 20 million so he could spend it on his election campaign.  He wanted to make sure that the people know how much he loves them and convincing, apparently, is a costly business these days.  So he robbed.  What's wrong with that, eh?  If he didn't get caught he would have got elected.  What then?  Would he carry out more robberies to collect the funds needed to sort out the people's problems?