27 April 2014

Let's give all of them toy guns and other tidbits

Let's give all of them toy guns

It is clear that Eraj Fernando, the Mayor of Hambantota, is a 'peaceful' man.  He's so peaceful that he doesn't own a gun.  He doesn't need one. He believes that a toy gun would be more than enough to protect himself.  He's teaching the political fraternity a good lesson.  The relevant authorities should now take steps to seize all real weapons from all politicians and their security personnel.  Instead they can be provided with toy guns and water pistols.  Indeed they might as well go the whole hog: seize the vehicles and replace them with toy-cars, replace police officers and other security personnel with dolls.  If it's a game, then let's have a game-culture.   

SF's reading skills

The recent attack on UNP parliamentarians in Hambantota was roundly condemned by all, except the senior party colleagues of the thug who organized and participated in the attack, who chose to maintain silence.  It was not a one-off act of thuggery.  Ruling party strongmen have time and again flexed muscles and more.  However, to say that the attack somehow justifies the UNHRC Resolution on Sri Lanka only demonstrates political naiveté or crass exploitation of a situation for personal benefit at the possible cost of sovereignty.  Sarath Fonseka should be pardoned for being so silly on this matter; the man, after all, is a political novice.  If he's looking to the UNP and UPFA for lessons, then he's a fast learner.  But wasn't he saying 'I am different' not too long ago?

Seizing contaminated water

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has seized some 37,000 bottles of water from a bottling plant after it was found that the water contained some chemical.  The CAA ought to have sealed the factory immediately.  Anyway, the prompt action by the CAA is to be applauded.  This raises the question, however, about other kinds of contamination.  How about chemicals and other poisons that contaminate vast swathes of agricultural land? Why are the authorities not imposing a total ban on these poisons?  Is it that some kinds of contamination are ok?  Is it because the first to be poisoned by chemicals is the poor farmers while the bottled versions hit the richer folk?

The Dengue mosquitos’ prejudice

It is reported that five schools in Hanwella have been closed due to the threat of Dengue.  It is a good move.  The premises have to be cleaned before schools can be reopened.  This raises a question, however.  Is the Dengue mosquito selective 'dirty schools' as it’s preferred 'feeding ground'?  Why has it not 'attacked' the environs of pradeshiya sabhas, provincial councils and yes, the parliament too?  Are these places 'clean'?  Well, we know that these are dirty places because those who populate these places are dirty folk. Why can't the Dengue mosquito shit its feeding ground?  Getting these dirty institutions closed for a few weeks, after all, would yield an added benefit to the community. 

Elephant Dance

Authorities at the Dehiwala Zoo have suspended the daily 'Elephant Dance' which has for years been a key attraction.  Zoo authorities claim that some of the elephants have contracted TB and this is why the decision had been taken.  Perhaps there's another reason.  Perhaps visitors are getting less and less interested in the antics of elephants in the zoo, simply because their cousins (the elephants', not the visitors') provided enough entertainment already.