06 July 2014

'Arahat' Malaka and other tidbits

Tissa's Theorem (Corollary) 

No, it's not Tissa Attanayake we are talking about.  It's Tissa Vitharana. Professor.  The good professor wants prelates to act against unruly mobs.  Absolutely.  There is a thing called vinaya in the Sasana after all.  But wait, there's a vinaya in politics too.  Paksha Vinaya  (Party Discipline) or Sanvidaana Vinaya (Organizational Discipline).  How about coming out with a statement like this now Tissa: 'The UPFA leadership must act against unruly UPFA members, ministers, MPs, pradeshiya sabhikas and provincial council members'?  

Move over Sajith, Harsha and Rosy

Sajith Premadasa, Harsha De Silva and Rosy Senanayake had their chances.  Sure, even had they contested, the UNP would have lost in the Western and Southern Provinces, but whoever stepped forward would have emerged as the Brave New Hope of the United National Party.  They missed a golden opportunity.  Harin Fernando is clearly made of sterner stuff. The man has thrown in his hat.  He intends to contest for the Uva Province Chief Minister’s post.  That’s brave.  That’s going to the grassroots.  That’s moving away from voice-cut politics.  He might end up as Leader of the Opposition of the Uva PC, but either way he would position himself ahead of the rest of his generation within the UNP.

Asma Jahangir’s Theory

Asma Jahangir, Pakistani lawyer who has been appointed to the experts’ panel on Sri Lanka by UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay, has stated that international investigators can contact witnesses in Sri Lanka with or without the support of the Sri Lankan government.  That’s half-baked.  The truth is that whether or not witnesses contact the panel or whether or not the panel contacts witnesses, there will be a report.  These things don’t require substantiation.  There’s a preferred outcome and the panel has been briefed.  In fact all Asma Jahangir has to do is to put her signature along with those of fellow-panelists to a document that was written a long time ago.  That’s report-writing UNHRC style.  We know.

'Arahat' Malaka

Malaka, the notorious thug-son of the notorious thug-politico Mervin Silva (Doctor) has declared that he would enter politics.  ‘To serve the people,’ he says (yeah right!).  When questioned about his thug-past, Malaka has said that he has turned over a new leaf.  ‘Even Angulimala, a murderer, attained Arahathood,’ he has observed.  Aney pinsidda vecchave Malaka Hamuduruwane (may you be showered with merit!), did someone say?  We would hate to see Malaka having to eat his words. We would be amazed, though,  if he, like Angulimala, could attain marga pala and become ‘Arahat’. 

Ven Gnanasara a US-creation?

Ven Galagodaaththe Gnanasaara, the firebrand leader of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has had his visa to the USA cancelled. Some are saying that this means that even the USA is scared of the BBS.  Others are saying that there is no room for hate-mongers in the USA.  The more interesting point is this: why did the USA give Ven Gnanasara a visa in the first place?  Surely, the Venerable’s ‘firebrand’, rabble-rousing, ‘hate-mongering’ history was known a long time ago?  Is it that Ven Gnanasara has now done his job and has outlived usefulness? After all the Al Qaeda was a US creation, we all know that and Hillary Clinton no less has acknowledged the fact.  So, is Ven Gnanasara is US pet, much like Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Manuel Oriega etc etc etc?  



Shaik Ahamath said...

You're right, the US/CIA program of covert operations may have been behind our BBS. This was also probably the source of the massive funds in BBS coffers. Some politicians too benefited from the BBS antics and funded them and now find their purpose served.