01 July 2014

With you, without you

The two don’t like each other.  Well, let’s say that they are opposed to each other.  The opposition is public knowledge.  They’ve made statements to this effect.  General Secretary of Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) Rev Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera and Convener of Jathika Bala Sena (JBS) Rev Watareka Vijitha Thera don’t exactly chit-chat over gilan pasa.  In a parallel universe, though, all things are possible.  Here’s a conversation that ought to take place and who knows might even happen someday. 

‘I heard you had an accident, haamuduruwane,’ the BBS General Secretary said by way of greeting. 

Haamuduruwane, you know how things are.  There are accidents and accidents.  This one was self-inflicted, although I tried to make it out that I was attacked and let a lot of people believe it was done by your people,’ the JBS Convener responded.

Aney haamuduruwane, you know how things are.  We don’t see eye to eye.  In fact I don’t blame anyone for thinking that I was behind this.  I don’t exactly order this or that.  I just create conditions and let others do stuff.  That way I can stay clean.  Tell me, what made you do this?’

‘Desperation.  Emotion clouded my reason.  Had I put some thought to the matter I would have figured out that I would be found it.  You see, I have my problems.  There are people who have checks to cash and they’ve been at my door.  I had to do something.  Now I am caught and they are caught too.  Yes, everyone in the JBS are now compromised.’

‘Come, come haamuduruwane don’t be so hard on yourself.  We are, after all, prthagjanas aren’t we?  It could happen to anyone.  Take me for example.  When last did you see me privileging reason over emotion?  I’ve burnt my fingers too.  Many times.  I speak out of turn and the forces I unleash say whatever comes to their heads.  I make claims I can’t prove.  And I’ve caught a lot of flak.’

‘But you didn’t self-inflict injuries ne,’   Rev Watareka Vijitha Thera countered.

‘Literally, no.  But then again, isn’t that what I’ve done?  The “BBS” is now attacked so much that it would seem that I invited people to injure us.  Worse, those who are inflicting wounds are not only taking a stab at the BBS but in fact at all Buddhists and even Buddhism.’

‘True, haamuduruwane,true. Come to think of it, we can’t blame others for doing that when that’s exactly what we have done, can we?’ 

‘Yes,’ Rev Gnanasara Thera said, thoughtfully.

‘What can we do now, haamuduruwane?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘I don’t know either.’

‘What does one do when in this situation, in general?’

‘What else but seek answers in the Buddha Vacana!’ 

‘Yes.  How could I have forgotten.  The Enlightened One said it all.  Let us return to the scriptures.’

Rev Galagodaaththe Gnanasaara Thera helped Rev Watareka Vijitha Thera to his feet.  The two retired into the pothgula.      

*All this in a parallel universe!