31 August 2014

Uva is for vandals (and other tidbits)

Uva is for vandals?
Party offices in the Uva Province are being attacked by ‘unknown’ thugs.  The ‘know’ part of it (which the Police seems to be clueless about) can be figured out when one notes the fact that the targets are UNP and JVP.  Should we say ‘Uva is for Vandals’?  Or is vandalism a new name for election campaign?  Are the people required to vote for the most ferocious vandal of them all?

Lalkantha buckets Hirunika
In campus parlance ‘bucketing’ refers to one or more persons tossing a bucketful of water, indul wathura or even something more disgusting on someone else.    It is a mark of celebration and it can also be punishment for perceived wrongdoing.  There’s a whole sociological treatise waiting to be written on the subject.  In the past few days buckets have been associated with ice and ALS.  Let’s not get into that. Anyway, Hirunika Premachandra had issued an ice-bucket challenge to JVP’s Lalkantha.  Lalkantha apparently has tossed the bucket back.  ‘The only challenge I am interested in is overthrowing the government,’ he said.   Talk about dampening enthusiasm.  We think, however, that Lalkantha scored.  Big.

The beautiful Indian
If there’s an Ugly American, there has to be a Beautiful American too. The same goes for ugly and beautiful Indians (and Germans, Norwegians, Uzbeks, Sri Lankans and Rwandans too).  There are no prizes for naming the current ‘Ugly Indian’ but if one were asked to name the Beautiful Indian, it has to be Avdhash Kaushal, the Indian social worker who has been appointed to the panel advising the Presidential Commission on Missing Persons and War Crimes.  Avdhash has said that India must respect Lanka’s sovereignty.  He has asked the correct question: ‘How would India feel if Sri Lanka calls on Indian separatists?’ 

Suresh a permanent leader-in-waiting?
Suresh Premachandran, the firebrand, not-so-young but still young enough TNA firebrand, has been vocal, aggressive and has tried to be more Tamil than Prabhakaran himself.  ‘Tamil Nationalist,’ that is.  And yet, for all his efforts, it looks like the old guard has closed ranks.  End result?  Well, Mavai Senathirajah is now tipped to succeed the longstanding party leader R Sampanthan as TNA leader.  But Suresh is not one to take anything lying down, a little bird tells us.  For now, though, looks like he’s been dumped.  Poor Suresh.  

Humble pie for Sajith?
The man wanted to oust Ranil Wickremesinghe.  After each electoral setback, it was the norm for Sajitha Premadasa to launch a fresh campaign to get rid of the leader.  He should get an A for Effort.  At the end of the day, however, he has failed.  A for Effort is useless in politics if one gets F at the term-end report.  He failed.  Now it seems that he has decided to drop can’t-be-done things.  He’s going for No 2.  Hold it!  He WAS the Deputy Leader not too long ago, right?  So what’s the joy in regaining the No 2 spot?  Consolation Prize?