08 September 2014

The TNA's honesty and other tidbits

Wariyapola 'Slapper' now an NGO 'project'?
The (justifiably) irate woman who slapped a man who is alleged to have taunted her in a lewd manner was arrested after the taunter complained to the police.  Later this 'victim' was also arrested.  The slapping video went viral.  People took sides.  But guess who is making the most capital out of it all? Why, the NGO collective who have been issue-starved for months!  Oh well, everyone must do something to survive, right?

The ‘honest’ NPC
 Apparently the Northern Provincial Council, administered by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), has failed to use at least 30% of allocations in the annual budget.  That’s Rs 3,955 million left untouched.  What this means is that although Wiggy and Co gripe about being cold shouldered by the Central Govt., in fact the NPC gets way more than it needs.  On the other hand, it can be argued that whereas other elected bodies are not just hungry for bucks, they consume whatever is put on the plate, the TNA just serves what it needs and is happy with just that.  Honest blokes.  Maybe they should be running this country.  That would put an end to wastage!

A bit late in the day Mr President, what do you say?
It is reported that President Mahinda Rajapaksa had to interrupt Mervyn Silva’s speech in Madulla when the latter, as one would expect, began showering insults at JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake.  Now, perhaps the President, knowing how much he owes the JVP and the likes of Anura Kumara Dissanayake, was upset because the association with Mervyn and his insults might earn him the ingrate tag.  We don’t know.  Anyway, what’s ‘news’ is that he effectively told Mervyn to shut up.  That’s something he should have done a long, long, long time ago, the vast majority of Sri Lankans, and especially SLFP/UPFA loyalists would have no hesitation in saying.

The BIG ISSUE in Uva
Poverty? Unemployment? Illicit felling of trees? The law and order situation (or lack thereof)?  Bad governance? No.  In the run-up to the election, it seems that all these things are non-issues.  The key campaign issues are as follows: a) did Harin meet Namal? b) If they did meet, was it pre-arranged?  c) if they met, as per arrangement, did they have tea or coffee?  

Jungle law, jungle courts
The law of the jungle, they say, is about the survival of the fittest.  All things considered, jungles are more peaceful than cities, jungle creatures more benign than humans.  Now that humans have encroached on jungles to plunder whatever resources therein, it is only natural for animals to move into cities.  Maybe this is why we hear of a baby elephant 'going to court'.  What next, a wise old sitting in judgment, a jury of jackals and elephants, grasshoppers and dung beetles being represented by vipers?  

A moment of silence for Bala Tampoe, please
Veteran trade union leader Bala Tampoe passed away at the age of 93.  To the end, Bala remained a committed trade unionist.  He would of course have conversations with his political cousins, i.e. those in what was called 'The Left', but he knew that in the end it is the unions who would get something for the workers whereas political parties always saw them as a means to an end, and an end that was nothing like the Utopias promised.  He leaves a vacuum.  There's silence now that he will never speak again.  



Anonymous said...

TNA is honest- Hmmmm would have to think about that the climes in hell plunged down to at least 0 degrees. Failure to use 30% of the money allotted to them by the central. Sounds like they have forgotten that their job is look after the people of the Northern Provence. Raging temper tantrums in front of Modi doesn't put money in people's pockets and sure doesn't bring confidence in anybody about the TNA ability to run a province, let alone a country as they once were dead set on doing.