28 September 2014

Winners and losers in Uva and the FB hero

Everyone won in UvaEveryone did! The UPFA won the Council. The UNP increased its vote share compared to the PC election of 2009 and the General Election of 2010. The JVP got some extra votes. SF and the Democratic Party? Well, they 'scored' too. They can claim that they made maximum use of the opportunity to get their message across to the people of Uva. See, most times everyone wins when there's an election.  

Everyone lost in Uva
Everyone lost! The UPFA saw the highs of 2009 disappear. Only just squeezed through in Badulla and had a reduced majority in Moneragala. Goes without saying that those who didn't win must have lost. The UNP couldn't even get anywhere close to the 54% it got in the 94 General Election which they lost. And this in a province that has traditionally backed the UNP! The JVP didn't get anywhere close to the numbers that party loyalists expected. At best a would-be tag, but overall, nothing to write home about. SF? Has anyone seen him? Did we hear someone ask, 'Who was he?'

The FB veeraya

Anura Kumara Dissanayake is the FB President. He got some 70% of the FB vote. Maybe not too many of them were from Uva. Maybe FB JVPers were too lazy to get off their bottoms and do the hard work on the ground.

Harin rises
People get too attached to the seats in parliament. And in the case of the UNP, becoming Leader of the Opposition in a Provincial Council is not worth losing a Parliamentary seat. But one man came through. Harin Fenando thought otherwise. He emerged as the leader of the UNP's middle-order.

Tissa does the 'done-thing'
Tissa Attanayake never does anything. Unless he's told. He's resigned from the Leadership Council. Of his own free will? Naah. He's been told. He's done what he was told to do. What a loyalist!


Anonymous said...

Great cartoons. Consider doing a Sunday cartoon with your idea executed by this illustrator.

T.Knd said...

Results of this election were too generalized that's why all the hot lines about who won. Harin showed his stamina but it still wasn't worth for him to lose his seat. I suspect some set him up for defeat within his party to save their future. In this district they could have easily announce another candidate from the local team. Fb candidate is so typical of course.