05 October 2014

The true owners of the UNP

The true owners of the UNP
Ranil? Wrong. Sajith? Wrong. The Leadership Council? Wrong. Hold your breath. It's the media! Well, certain sections of it. That's what Tissa Attanayake has said. The appointment of a person to no less a position as the Deputy Leader has been orchestrated by two media houses, one of which is owned by a member of another party. Talk about hijacking a party!

Those "Jayalalithaa Deaths"
The lady must have touched some people deeply. Why else would over a dozen people kill themselves when Jayalalithaa Jayaram is sent to jail? But that's exactly the problem and not just in Tamil Nadu. Crooks are ok as long as they toss some crumbs out to the crumb-less. Maybe these people are upset that their benefactor is behind bars. Maybe they are worried about future crumbs. But to kill oneself over a crook is still a bit much. Would Jayalalithaa have doused herself with petrol and struck a match if one these people was locked up? Highly doubtful!

Paneerselvam's tears
O Paneerselvam, Jayalalithaa's trusted aide, is said to have wept when he took oaths as the new Tamil Nadu Chief Minister following the lady's incarceration. Tears of sorrow? Tears of joy?

Diplomacy Re-defined
The Ministry of External Affairs is made of people who are careful about what they say or so we have been led to believe. Objections are made politely. You are not supposed to offend anyone. Maybe that was in a different era. Today, it seems, it is ok to lose your cool, to abuse and even assault. What would Lakshman Kadirgamar have said, one wonders!

Mahinda can't or.....?
"Ranil can't" (රනිල්ට බැහැ) is a line that Mangala Samaraweera is said to have come up with. If he cannot, then how about Mahinda? If there's anyone who can claim ownership to the activation of the Obama line, 'yes we can' then it's Mahinda Rajapaksa. Today we see people claiming that he can't. Can't what? Well, they say he cannot seek a third term. Let's leave it to the legal experts to figure out. But this 'Mahinda Can't' business...is is another way of saying 'No candidate running against him has a chance of an ice cube in hell'?