09 January 2015

A note to Mahinda

Dear Mahinda,

You will forgive us for dropping all those lovely titles.  We are confident of this simply because in conceding defeat gracefully you recovered for yourself dignity that you let slip away a few years ago.  We are confident because in that very moment you became recognizable as the leader, the fellow-citizen and the one-of-us who was loved like few leaders are loved. 

You were not a perfect President.  You were certainly not the most imperfect President we’ve had either.  You stood tall when it mattered.  During your tenure you gifted back to the people of this country a land they had lost or rather their leader had squandered due to ignorance, arrogance and the mad pursuit of narrow political objectives.  You recovered for us the right to breathe.  You banished a culture of fear. 

You could have done much more, but this is not the moment to go into all that.  You did much.  You did enough.  Enough to be remembered.  Enough to be remembered as a hero, a simple man of simple ways, who did what he could to the best of his ability and knowledge framed of course by his infirmities and human frailties.
Go well, Mahinda.  You’ve earned your place in our history.  You deserve a time of peace in your beloved Medamulana home. 



asoka de silva said...

yes! he deserve a place in our history. In my list of 'our leaders' (unfortunately very short )there is only one name Mahinda Rajapaksa.

pushpi said...

Yes, He bore the pressures of the foreign powers during the war. For that the people showed their gratitude in 2010. Also, it is because the poor soldiers laid down their very lives, for the cause of saving others.

To say that Mahinda Rajapaksha banished the culture of fear, is indeed naive. He instilled it so much that people feared to even talk. All the media channels, completely supported MR only.

Malinda Seneviratne said...

you are correct pushpi. should have qualified the part about'fear'

sajic said...

I read your piece and then the comments-Pushpi took the words out of my mouth. I'm so glad you agreed with her.

Ian Gardner said...

The thoughts, motives and actions of everyone are subject to the law of karma exactly and justly. So be it!

Shamala said...

Go well, Malinda. You’ve earned your place in our history

Anonymous said...

In my lifespan of 60 years MR is the best leader SL ever had. I say this because he had the vision and executed development expeditiously.As seen from countries like Sing and Malaysia pure democracy cannot attain rapid development.SL is very safe if you mind your own business and refrain from dirty politics.

Uditha Devapriya said...

I am worried that he will be punished unduly. Reality may not be so cozy for him, which is also worrisome. To tell you the truth Malinda, I fear for him.

Devaraj Ratnam said...

I agree with Anonymous. The 'western' concept of freedom - to poke fun at religions; to release convicted criminals back into society with new identities; to make allegations without evidence, to publish details of national security matters that endangers the lives of security personnel - doesn't really help the normal law abiding citizen.

Anonymous said...

Marinade. Rajapakse - I raise my hat with full of gratitude for all the excellent work you have done for our beloved Sri Lanka diring your short period of time in power. Thank you..It is obvious Ranil Wicks, Chandrika have made a secret deal with India to clinch power and allow flood gate open to LTTE woman sea tigers and rest of the terrorist gangs to enter Sri lanka ,who were responsible for the murder of our politicians , generals, policemen and bombing of the Central. Bank, Airport , Temple of the Tooth Kandy and murdering of thousands of innocent Sinhala civilians. Ranil has forgotten the days during the chadrika's reign that he was prevented from driving into Colombo due to road blocks and the fear of attacks and bombing campaign by the suicide bombers and murderous LTTE.

LTTE is held bend now to take revenge for defeating the muderer Prabakunum .

It is a shame that Ranil and Sirisena have forgotten the 26,0000 brave patriotic young soldiers sacrificed their lives to establish Peace, Unity , stability and National Security. The relatives , friends of those heros has been put to shame by Rain Wick. I like to remind Ranil Wicks And Sirisena that could NEVER have enjoyed free elections if not for these young men.

Ranil and Sirisena please stop WITCH HUNTING and stop your shameless mud slinging activities . Please do understand that Sri Lanka was recognised in the world as a great nation for defeating the most ruthless terrorist organisations. Ranil, you can move forward
Working towards the progress of the nation and not make us a mockery of all nations. You can do it and the people will respect you and support you. Otherwise the LTTE will certainly get you.