12 September 2015

Extremists OUT! [and other 'politidbits' of the week]

Extremists Out
Those who read the performance of the Bodu Jana Peramuna as a defeat of extremism, say nothing about the multi-ethnic-multi-religious extremists and their performances [For the uninitiated, neither Buddhism nor pluralism are extremist doctrines, but among advocates there are extremists; in the case of the latter, those who talk of multi-this and multi-that but refuse to give percentages, for example.]  Here’s the breakdown of votes obtained:

Bodu Jana Peramuna                               20,377     (0.174399233284%) 
Frontline Socialist Party                            7,349     (0.062897382608%)
United Socialist Party                                1,895     (0.016218606619%)
Nava Sama Samaja Pakshaya                       644     (0.005511758661%)
Socialist Equality Party                                321      (0.002747320699%)
Liberal Party                                                 118      (0.001009918512%)
Vanguard Party                                               49      (0.000419372942%)

The subtext of Maithri’s smile
UNPers thought Ranil had won on January 8th.  They think that it was Ranil who won on August 17th as well.  

Anura Priyadarshana Yapa’s conundrum
He couldn’t manage the disaster that hit him.  How can he manage national disasters. Let us pray that there won’t be droughts, landslides, floods, tsunamis or cyclones during his tenure.

Maithri’s cut-outs are out (as in, they’ve been taken down), but Ranil’s ones are ‘not-out’. Howzaaaaat? 

Anura Kumara’s Brag
‘We have the best National List!’ Anura bragged. That was then. Now, when the matter is brought up he asks, ‘National list? What’s that Sunil (Handunnetti)?  We haven’t heard of it, have we Bimal (Ratnayake)?’

Service Providers
There's a Minister of Dialog. None for Mobitel, Etisalat, Airtel and Hutch

The Missing Portfolio
And who is the Minister of Monologue?

Step-Motherly Treatment?
There's a minister for economic affairs and one for rural economic affairs...no one for urban economic affairs?

Ministerial Affairs
There's a minister for home affairs and one for internal affairs.  Are there external home affairs and 'foreign' internal affairs, then?

The Voting Error
Although Maithri asked them not to vote for the bad guys, he didn’t say he won’t give the bad guys cabinet portfolios.

Maithri’s Memory Loss
He’s forgotten he said ‘I will put an end to nepotism’.

Mahinda’s Memory Loss
He’s forgotten how powerful the office of the President is, even after the 19th Amendment.

Ranil’s Memory
He knows the presidential powers of his uncle’s constitution.  This is why he is chummy with Maithri.

A Missing Page 
There’s a missing page in the history book:  The Granary of the East is located in Mattala.