28 September 2015

'From bad to bad' and other politidbits

Some were silent during MR's time. It was called censorship.  Some said ‘fear-culture’. Those who were silent then aren’t loud now.  Jehan Perera says this is because of ‘transition’.  From what to what?  Bad to bad?

Maithri is ‘hanging on’
He bragged he would do this and that.  Finally, he has had to hang on to the hangman’s rope!

Maithri’s moods
The man jokes (doesn’t mean he’s a joker).  Pruning presidential powers, electoral reforms, the Right to Information Act, Good Governance etc etc….all jokes.  But he can be serious.  He is is dead serious online one issue: the conviction with which he says his boring mantra, ‘it could have been worse had I lost’.

Meaningless words/terms
There are words and terms that have lost meaning thanks to them being prostituted by the political.  In days gone by we had a word called ‘peace’.  Now we have ‘good governance’.

Words on their way out
There are words and terms which are in danger of becoming ‘dirtied’ due to politics: maithriya, reconciliation, co-existence, constitution, statesman, national government, constitutional reform etc.  The latest is ‘hybrid’.

With presidential powers and powers of the party leader, Maithripala Sirisena instead of cleaning up his party actually polluted it.  Cleaning up the beach is probably a clean-up job that he can have some success with.  Is this why people are calling him ‘Verale Suda’? 

Some people form political parties, become leaders of these parties just so that they can one day lead the country.  Maithripala, on the other hand, operates as though he became the leader of the country so he can have a party that he could lead.

Going hybrid
Hybrid courts in a country that has a hybrid government.  Makes sense, come to think of it.

Seya’s murderer’s other job
Seya’s murderer also managed to bury the Coca Cola brouhaha.  What a guy!

Anura Kumara’s headache
Anura can’t figure out how to fill the National List when the next election comes around.  

Patali's headache
Patali Champika Ranawaka can’t figure out if he’s Maithri’s man or if he’s Ranil’s boy.