08 September 2015

The SLFP blues and other politidbits of the week

SLFP blues
Does the Sri Lanka Freedom Party need and OPPOSITION leader or a LEADER?

Sri Lanka as seen from Kekirilanthaya
When one gazes from Kekirilanthaya upon present day Sri Lanka or else Sri Lanka’s ‘present’, one sees a people who don’t seem to care whether or not there’s a Parliament and a Parliament that doesn’t seem to care whether people exist or not.

JVP’s capitulation
The machinations with the National List MPs has demonstrated that the JVP is following Maithripala Sirisena’s footsteps.  Maithripala, let us remember, only followed Mahinda, who followed Chandrika, who followed Premadasa.  Let us not forget the Ranil Wickremesinghe, from the Opposition, was no different.  He’s become better though.

It is delightful to know, finally, that Sri Lanka has a Parliament.  

Bad taste on the tongue
There are diehard Mahinda loyalists who never took issue with Coca Cola until now.  There are diehard Mahinda-haters in the Maithri-Ranil camp who don’t seem to have heard of Coca Cola.  When either group talks of ‘the nation’ and ‘the people’, it is palpably distasteful.