19 October 2015

Bandagiriya does not exist, okaaaay?

There is no water issue in Bandagiriya.  Therefore there weren’t any protests about water scarcity.  And the police that did not come to control the crowds that did not come to protest did not beat them up either.  Heck, Bandagiriya doesn’t even exist!

Congrats MS & Co!
Over 270 days have passed since Maithripala Sirisena became President.  That’s 170 days beyond the ‘100 Days’ by the end of which we were led to believe Sri Lanka would be a different country.   All promises have been kept.  Three hearty cheers for Maithri, Ranil, Champika, Chandrika, Rajitha and Rev Athureliye Rathana. Hoooooooray!  Pfffffffffffft!!!

It’s not about problems and protests
Rathupaswala is Rathupaswala in the way Bandagiriya cannot be Rathupaswala.  Because no one has been shot dead?  Nah…..it’s about who is putting down protests. 

 Bandagiriya protesters are inhuman
If they are beaten up, if they are arrested and detained illegally, if they are killed, it won’t be a violation of human rights.  Those protesting the acts of omission and commission of Human Rights Champions are inhuman.  Period.

Che Pau
The good thing is that the JVP still remembers Ernesto Che Guevara.  The down side is that the party is still piggybacking on the revolutionary romance associated with that image.  But then again, having unceremoniously dumped Marx, Lenin and even Comrade Wijeweera, retaining some ‘Left’ iconography is understandable.

Hospitals in Afghanistan
 Hospitals in Afghanistan (and Syria and whatever country the USA chooses to bomb) are Health-Shields used by terrorists.  At least that’s what Washington-speak is telling.

Patient Terrorists
Patient terrorists are not the same as terrorist patients.  Don’t be surprised if John Kerry tells us that 'those in the bombed hospital in Afghanistan were terrorists disguised as patients.'

The Hospital Business
That hospital in Afghanistan had NO BUSINESS to be where it was. It deliberately stood in the way of bombs. In the very least it should have moved to safety (like into a bunker) when the threat was first perceived. Right?

Harsha’s Volkswagon
Dr Harsha de Silva was spotted driving around Colombo in a clapped out Volkswagon.  He looked a bit down in the mouth.  Harsha in a Volks, folks?  Are you sure?