13 October 2015

The Sirisena Dictionary and other politidbits of the week

The Sirisena Dictionary
Having submitted to the dictates of the United States, Maithripala Sirisena screams, ‘Victory!’ and adds that he ‘saved the war heroes’.  Did someone mutter, ‘victory my foot!’?  Now if a resounding defeat warrants celebration that costs taxpayers tens of millions of rupees, what would the President have done had he been in charge of defeating terrorism, one wonders.

Following the leader
If it is good for the Big Boss of Yahapalanaya then it is good for his followers.  That’s the beauty of taking care of the near and dear.  The Presidential brats are getting special treatment.  His brother got a plum appointment. So what’s wrong with Ravi K giving a helping hand to his various b-i-l’s eh?

Yureni’s show and tell
Young TV presenter Yureni Noshika didn’t do any wrong. Some people thought she did.  She ‘showed’ they claimed. Hardly!  If what was ‘shown’ was inappropriate it would put an end to village women wearing the diyaredda. Anyway, Yureni apologized to those who may have had their tender sensibilities bruised.  When will Daham, Chathurika and Papa Sirisena apologize for clear abuse of privileges? 

Uncle Sam’s chagrin
Washington is upset.  Correction: Washington is always upset.  It creates one monster to deal with previously created monsters that have got out of hand.  Mujahidin, Taliban, al Qaeda and ISIS were all nursed by Uncle Sam at one time or another.  When things go out of control, Washington decides to drop bombs.  Embassies, schools, hospitals are all fair game.  The self-appointed Global Policeman is a blundering idiot.  A ‘ditherer’ someone added.  And when someone who knows what’s what comes around and shows how it is done, Washington pouts.  Childish, right?

 The New Price-Formula
Does anyone know what happened to reducing prices?  It was a BIG election promise, remember?  Anyway, Rajitha Senaratne seems to have come up with a novel idea to justify price increases – just say that the particular item is harmful to health.  He lied about Coconut Oil, but was correct on salt and sugar.  But don’t be surprised if he says ‘petrol is a harmful substance and therefore to discourage consumption we will increase its price’.

 The Silence of the Lambs
We are referring to those dainty creatures in NGOs, fly-by-night outfits such as ‘Puravesi Balaya’ and of course self-righteous journalists, academics and other professionals who heard the term ‘yahapaalanaya’ just the other day.  These lambs are maintaining complete silence over Sirisena-style nepotism.  Why?

Is the lynching mob going to hang themselves?
They wanted ‘Kondaya’ hanged.  Well, suppose he was hanged.  There’s a problem though.  His brother has now confessed to the rape and murder of the little girl.  This means that Kondaya would have been murdered.  So will the murderers hang themselves or will they ask to be lynched?