02 June 2016

Besties are butterflies

One of the greatest delights in my brief career as a journalist was writing for the kids' section of 'The Nation'.  I wrote over fifty articles in my last year at that newspaper.  I am thrilled to resume the series for www.nightowls.lk.  The series is for children but not 'strictly for children'. Adults, consider yourselves warned...you might re-discover a child within you!  Scroll down for other articles in this series.

The accepted wisdom is that if you want to catch a butterfly, you shouldn’t chase it.  Instead, you are advised to remain still with your palm stretched out.  A butterfly might flitter from flower to flower and at some point settle down on your palm for a few seconds or maybe more.  It may not of course, but there’s a better chance this way, they say. 

It’s the same with ‘besties’.  Think about all the friends you’ve had in your life.  Think about the ‘best friends’ from your daycare days, through kindergarten, junior and high school and beyond.  Ask yourself how many ‘best friends’ you’ve had.  If it’s more than 1 then perhaps you should ask yourself ‘what does best friend mean?’ 

One can have a best friend and a new best friend every year or even every month but that would make the term ‘best friend’ or ‘bestie’ a little ridiculous, don’t you think?  Maybe it’s just that when we are very young we desperately need a ‘friend’ who we can show the world claiming he or she is ‘my best friend’.  So the first person who is friendly gets the label.  It’s a bonus if that ‘friend’ also happens to be popular.  You can be more proud of yourself when this happens. 

But what does it really mean when a best friend is no longer a best friend? If a best friend becomes just another friend or else not even considered a friend after a while, what does it mean?  Doesn’t it mean that you didn’t actually know your best friend or that he or she didn’t know you or, worse, you didn’t know each other? 

Maybe it’s like going after a butterfly.   You try hard to catch it, you fail, and then you catch a grasshopper and tell yourself ‘I’ve finally caught a butterfly, yippee!’  It’s like wearing a dress or a shirt with a floral pattern hoping that the butterfly will be fooled.  Butterflies are not fooled.  They can tell the difference.  You might attract a few flies or some mosquitoes but that’s not on account of the flowers on the dress or shirt. 

Best friends are butterflies.  You have to be patient.  Those friends that stay are usually the ones that come because they’ve recognized that there’s something fragrant about you, something colourful and beautiful.  They won’t say ‘hello’ just because everyone says ‘hello’ to you.  It’s not about how popular you are.  It’s all about who you are. 

Besties are butterflies and therefore it might be interesting to see yourself as a butterfly.  If you do, would you go for fake flowers or artificial fragrances?  No, a butterfly knows all about flowers, real flowers.  

Now think about the true friends you’ve had and how they became your friends.  Think of flowers and butterflies.  Ask if either this friend or you were a butterfly.  Ask if either this friend or you were a flower.  Ask yourself if it was real or fake.  The chances are that the friends who stayed and who became ‘besties’ are those who liked you for who you are and not who you made yourself out to be.  And if it was you that sought out someone who later became a good friend, the chances are that you remained with them not for their frills but their true selves. 

Butterfly besties.  They are the best, don’t you think?  

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Anonymous said...

The bud
murmured 'hello'
to all the creatures
not heard though
some were bees,honey suckers
mosquitoes and flies too ...

real once
with unfolded petals
with welcome gaze
they sat
on soft petals...

had exchanges
beautiful and lovable ..

'Life is too short'
butterfly whispered
with a
deep breath
when its feet touched
the last
they saw each other ...

caterpillars and buds
are counting days ...

sun is rising
setting too
life is gone and going
and yet to be borne .....