13 December 2013

Kiriella's job application and other tidbits

UNP's sudden patriotism 
It's a heenen-bayavela type of awakening, like they were plagued by a nightmare. The United National Party is upset that Manmohan Singh might visit the North.  This is an about-turn for a party that saw nothing wrong in David Cameron visiting Jaffna.  They've never had issues with people visiting Jaffna.  Never had issues with foreigners, heads of state or otherwise, insulting the country. So what's the source of this new 'patriotism'?  Acknowledgement of general public sentiment?  If so, three hearty cheers and all that!

A loin cloth to stop diarrhea?
It was one of the more creative demonstrations organized by a party that appeared to have lost its colorful edge.  The JVP's 'govi balakaaya' shall we call it, seemed thin and nothing like the braggadocio indulged in by Tilvin and Co., at Hyde Park the other day.  Talk about dressing down.  Talk about declining fortunes.  Talk about trying to stop diarrhea with a loin cloth, or amude.

Kiriella's job applicationLakshman Kiriella says 'genocide legitimizes separation'.  That's neat.  Now where and when was 'genocide' perpetrated, Lucky?  Is this another Goebbelsian move, like the '40,000' of Channel 4?  Is the real reason why Kiriella and his ilk entertains the likes of Callum Macrae nothing but a testing of the waters to get a job at Channel 4?  But then again his buddy Mangala has the inside track on that one, given his spinning skills! 

Master Blaster II
No, we are not talking about Kusal Janith Perera, touted in certain circles as the next Sanath Jayasuriya; we are talking about the four-legged creature that took on Sanath. Head on, literally.  Sanath had escaped injury but his vehicle had got a leathering of a kind.  Not all of the 'South' vote with our Master Blaster, apparently!

No can do, Wiggy
Chief Minister of the North, C.V. Wigneswaran has told the visiting UN Special Rapporteur Dr. Chaloka Beyani.'military presence is the main problem'.  He can't have it both ways though.  He can't have his LTTE pals threaten another Eelam War and expect the state not to take notice.  Reconciliation is a two-way street, we are told.