29 September 2012

Going the extra mile (to Delhi) to make things worse

India, like all countries, is concerned about security.  Not just security threats from other countries but threats from within as well.  Such concerns about the ‘internal’ preceded terrorist attacks.   Indeed, the long history of that piece of land which got a name and some political integrity worth writing about after the British invaded is all about ‘internal security’

India has an Army.  The soldiers do not stay at home waiting for some call from Delhi directing deployment at some point where there is a security breach or a threat of such a breach.  Armies don’t roam around, true, but they are typically barracked.   It’s the same with the Indian Army. And if India had to deal with a terrorist organization that had put the entire country at risk (through bombs, assassinations and such), then India would probably err on the side of caution, even long after that threat is eliminated.

The point is that governments have a responsibility to all citizens.  They are not entities that twiddle thumbs when it comes to security.  Sure, politicians are a timid lot, but affairs of the state require vigilance and that’s something the general public expects from the state.  That’s why there are ‘standing’ armies. 

The Tamil National Alliance, it is reported, is planning to ‘take up the “issue” of High Security Zones’ with India when representatives of that political coalition meet with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.  TNA Spokesperson and Jaffna District MP Suresh Premachandra has stated that the TNA intends to ask Dr. Singh to urge the Government of Sri Lanka to get the Army out of former conflict areas. 

First of all the TNA does not have the moral authority to ask, considering that they were and are a part of the problem which necessitated military posts all over the island and especially in the North and East.  They fed Tamil youth the poison of armed insurrection; ‘they’ as in their constituent parties, leaders and political gurus.  Secondly, having played a major part in arming, training and funding terrorism, India does not have the moral right to say a word about how Sri Lanka handles security issues.

Let’s look at it from another angle.  Imagine some regional party in India operating in territories of unrest going to Sri Lanka or Pakistan or anywhere else and seeking the help of the relevant Head of State to prevail upon Delhi to ease off. How would Dr. Singh feel?  How would Barack Obama feel if some party in one of the 100 plus countries where the US has military outposts (more than a 1000 overall) goes to, say, Russia and tells Vladimir Putin, ‘Please man, tell that guy in Washington to get the hell out of my backyard’?  

It is plain silly.  

It will further strain Indo-Lanka relations, which hit a new low (is that possible, even?) after India’s ‘show of friendship’ in Geneva in March.  

And here’s another possible ‘bonus’ (shall we say?): these little side-shows that might put some hop in TNA feet would antagonize other communities who might even be ready to see the TNA not as one time Tiger-proxy but an entity worth discussing things in a civilized manner. 

Like it, Delhi?



Anonymous said...

The TNA is a Tiger creation and remains true to goals of the LTTE. Clearly the the TNA, for all Mr. sampanthan's fine words, is leading the Tamil people into another dark age financed of course by the Tamil diaspora.