22 December 2013

Re-naming Bogambara and other tidbits

The Mandela bandwagon
He was everyone's father or grandfather. He was brother to others. A relation, friend, fellow-citizen.  No one needs to make a paternity claim in public.  And yet, we had Chandrika Kumaratunga saying 'He treated me like a daughter'.  Looks like someone is starving for publicity.  The world will forget the claim and the claimant by and by, but not Mandela.  The lady might have to replay this song again and again.  What's the title?  'I am someone's love child, I'm sure I am, I'm sure I am!' 
Re-name Bogambara 
It is reported that the Bogambara Prison will come under President Mahinda Rajapaksa.  Now that's good.  There are so many politicians of his party who have been up to all kinds of hanky panky that they need more than a smack on their individuals backsides.  It would be good to put them all under one roof.  Easier to manage. Easier to lecture to them. Easier to reform.  Only thing, no mobile phones, please.  No visits.  A bit of solitary confinement would do with very basic meals.  While he's at it, the President could rename Bogambara, 'Home for errant UPFA politicians'. 
India-US tit for tat, snub for snub

An Indian diplomat has been ill-treated in the USA, India believes.  Back in India, therefore, US congress members are being snubbed.  Wow!  And we thought India and the USA were on whatnot-squeezing terms!  Let's hope they patch up soon because come February-March the two big name nations, one a global thug and the other a thug-wannabe will have to get comfy if they want to teach 'another lesson' to Sri Lanka.
Givers and Takers
Sri Lanka has been ranked No 10 among 'Most Giving Nations'.  The USA, Canada and Myanmar are the top three, in that order.  We don't know what Myanmar 'gives', but do we really know what the USA and Canada 'give'?  Canada is Uncle Sam's adjunct, so let's leave her aside.  What does the USA 'give' if not destabilization and anarchy in the name of democracy and liberation; death, destruction, dismemberment, displacement and terrorism in the name of fighting terrorism?  Why is no one saying 'Thank You Uncle Sam', have you wondered?
The Ranil Virus strikes?

There's an unforgettable character in one of the Asterix books. Tortuous Convolvulus is a trouble-maker.  He is followed by the Green Eyed Monster.  He brings with him envy, malice, foul language and insult.  It looks like even in the UNP there's a version of that foul whateveritis that Tortuous Convolvulus carries with him.  Ranil Wickremesinghe's tenure has been marked by one thing: infighting.  It's spread into the newly appointed Leadership Council, it seems, what with Ravi K wanting Tissa A evicted.  Poor Karu.  Ali madivata harak, did someone say?  Dealing with elephants is bad enough, but buffaloes too?