21 December 2013

The further greening of politics and other tidbits

The further greening of politics
When C.A. Chandraprema wrote 'Kola Paata Samaajaya' (The Green Society) a couple of decades ago, it is unlikely that he would have imagined the kind of greening we see today.  President Mahinda Rajapaksa and a few others aside, the key ministerial posts are held by ex-Jumbos.  Not too long ago, during the Wayamba PC polls we had ex-UNP firebrand vying for the Chief Minister's post with the son of another ex-UNP firebrand, that's Johnston Fernando's son Johan.  Now we hear rumors of Sujeewa Senasinghe planning to jump ship.  The man, it is said, would be the UPFA's candidate for the post of Chief Minister, Western Province.  So it's all home-n-home, except that the 'home' is Sirikotha!  

Common Candidate Time
It is about time. It was bound to happen of course.  Ranil Wickremesinghe managed to salvage something by persuading Sarath Fonseka to enter the fray.  It was Fonseka who was defeated, not Ranil.  Now, with no sign of the President's popularity waning, it looks like Ranil is planning to 'pass' next time as well.  He needs a 'Common Candidate'.  Karu has already said 'no'.  Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thero has said 'no'.  Sajith is too uncommon to be 'common'.  Fonseka? Sarath Silva?  Wigneswaran? Cameron?  

Obama's Mandela Moment
Barack Obama has already made his 'Mandela Speech'.  It was eloquent, as expected.  He said of Mandela, 'He (Mandela) freed not only prisoner but the gaoler as well'.  The world's biggest gaoler, Obama that is, looks quite the prisoner of circumstances or even choice.  When and what will free him?  

Cameron's Mandela Non-Moment
David Cameron will not say this, but he could have. He was a top member of the British Federation of Conservative Students who in 1985 came up with a poster with Nelson Mandela's picture.  Here's the caption: 'HANG NELSON MANDELA!' Times have changed.  Hypocrisy continues to prosper though!

The budget dominoes
The President is secure. The parliamentary majority is secure.  What is happening at the grassroots though?  Several budgets in local government authorities run by the ruling party have been defeated.  Some of this can be explained by intra-party rivalry -- two defeats and the Chairperson has to quit.  No 2 has a stake then in siding with the Opposition.  But is it all about that and nothing else?  Hmmm.....


sajic said...

Times change and people change-sometimes for the better.