06 August 2014

The TNA learns a new word...

US Embassy needs to sleep
The US Embassy is upset about 'media freedom' in Sri Lanka.  Now why does anyone need media freedom? Simple: to get the truth out.  To inform.  That's what is strange about the US Embassy being upset about media freedom.  No country on this earth has been as ready to lie, deceive, twist-facts, mis-interpret, misinform and in so many other ways bury truth than the United States of America.  The US media, after all, gave us weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  It was witness, accuser, judge and jury about who did what to which airplane.  It goes into a shell regularly when the US knowingly bombs countries into the middle ages, faithfully toeing the Washington line.  The US Embassy in Colombo needs to sleep. It needs to sleep because then alone it can wake up or be woken up.  

Ranil’s Vanguard
No, it was not to learn some Chemistry, Physics or even Political Science.  He wants tuition teachers and students attending tuition classes to help him change Sri Lankan society.   Time was when some people saw the working class as the vanguard of the revolution. Then someone came up with the Pancha Maha Balavegaya.  So now it’s tuition classes and tuition class goers? 

Supreme Court downed by petitions
The Chief Justice has excused himself from a particular case because he has received many petitions on the matter.  Now if that’s all it takes to get a judge off a case, it’s very simple.  Gahapang gahapang pessam as the Freddie Silva song goes!

Maithripala’s gender preference
Maithripala Sirisena wants all women to be born again as men.  If his wish comes true, the world will end in one generation, unless someone comes up with a way for man to unite with man and produce a child (a male, as per Maithripala’s preference).    Did he ask women what their after-life gender preference was, one wonders.

The TNA learns a new word
‘Unitary’.  This is almost revolutionary.  For years, Tamil politicians took refuge behind a clearly non-political and scandalously vague word in order to promote separatism.  They said ‘we are for a united Sri Lanka’.  Yeah, right!  You’ll never get ‘united’ as long as there are inequalities along lines of class, caste, gender, age, political affiliation etc.  You can legislate for ‘unitary’.  Actually that legislation is already in place.  So what were these people fighting for all these years?