27 May 2015

Kolombianism = Cameronism

Cameron the Colombian tells 'Human Rights' to eff-off
David Cameron’s Tories were re-elected.  Hurray!  I am all for conservatives and conservatism (expect when it comes to forests — the sustainable development of profit demands that we brush aside tree huggers and other such riffraff).  So yes, let me say it again: HURRAY!

What was most interesting about the UK elections, however, is not that David and his boys and girls won.  No.  What is significant is what it will do to human rights in that country.  David promised to scrap those silly notions and replace it with some vague lines about citizens’ rights or something.     

Now there’s a lesson in this for us.  David knows that he has a huge problem to deal with.  Terrorism.  There’s was the Al Qaeda and now there’s the ISIS.  So David thinks ahead.  Maybe he has learned something from Sri Lanka’s experience, maybe he has not.  What counts is that he is thinking straight.  And he’s thinking ahead.  

Simply, he doesn’t want to be in a situation where he has rule books thrown in his face.  No human rights laws means no violations, because you can only trip over existing traps.  In Sri Lanka’s case, there were and are human rights laws.  So even if there were no violations or nothing so serious as to warrant international inquiry or censure, the book can be thrown provided of course you set it all up in the media.

David doesn’t want to deal with the hassle.  Yes, that word is right.  It’s not that the grandmasters of non-violence, co-existence, tree-hugging and love like the USA will buttonhole David if he were to slip up.  Friends don’t do that to friends.  Friends didn’t do that to friends when friends invaded Iraq on a pretext and illegally.   Still, David doesn’t want to take chances.  I call that smart.

This is the difference between that country and Sri Lanka.  It is also the difference between Kolombians and non-Kolombians.  The smart guys know the laws.  If the laws are inconvenient the smart ones (read, Kolombians) will get rid of them.  If you can’t get rid of the laws, you will find ways to get around them.   And you’ll do it in a way that you won’t be caught even later.  

And it is not only about laws, breaking them and getting away with it.  It’s about all things.  Like the 100 Days Program.  We are into the second 100 days but no one minds.  Kolombians were pretty sure that no one will mind.  Take the promises.  No 20th amendment, no Right to Information Act, no Code of Conduct for MPs.   And on top of that Ranil and other Kolombians are acting as though they have already set up heaven on earth!  That’s class.  Upper Class.  You could call it Kolombian   Style.  Is anyone checking the prices of those 11 items that our Ravi Boy picked for a price-slash?  No!  That’s the beauty of it.  You give and take and then you get people to say ‘Thank you so much!’  Like banks.  Yes, you can say it’s money in the bank.  Sure thing.  

It is all about making a hue and cry over things.  We grill the likes of Basil, Gota, Sajin and Dilith, but Arjuna and Arjun we let be.  We won’t utter a word about the cute moves by Lalith K.  Now don’t be surprised if his lady love arrives to raucous applause one of these days.  

We are just mimicking David.  It is something only we can do. Non-Kolombians cannot do it.  Well, they can’t even begin to understand.

Human rights, did they say?  What human rights  What humans?  What rights?  These are the kinds of questions that David and others will ask if any rambunctious idiot dares talk about human rights once they sock it to those terrorists or whoever they think doesn’t fit into David’s kind of Britain.  Kolombianism stamped all over it.  Yes, you could cll it Cameronism.  I feed proud!



Kelum Nawaratna said...

I thought you are also a Colombian , Malinda ?

What do you think of the fact that despite being Tory , Cameron bowing to the wishes of Scottish people by promising more devolution ?

Banda said...

Now another new issue would have to be addressed to in the constitution making process. The Parties had now gained legitimacy to appoint persons rejected by the electoral process to represent people in legislature. The power thus have for the Party Leaders is in total derogation of the intent of the people. Constitution making process must be pressurized to overcome this menace.