21 September 2015

The adoh-machan theory of politics

The Adoh-Machan Theory of Politics
There was a time when Ranjan Ramanayake said ‘ADOH!’ to Nimal Lansa.  Now he says ‘Machang’ (softly, cooingly).  
The Thickness of Ego
Compassion, loving kindness, equanimity and the ability to rejoice at another’s joy are all thicker than hatred, envy and ego.  In politics, however, this is reversed.  Hatred, envy and ego are thick and are as thick as thieves.

The Nation’s Value
There’s a faint recollection that there was a time when Maithripala loyalists were muttering that a nation ought to have a limitless value (රටකට ඕනෑ අපමණ අගයක්).  They have a couple of questions to answer.  First, what’s Nimal Lansa’s value?  Secondly, does the nation need Nimal Lansa?

The Value of a Country
Lansa, Vijithamuni, Thilanga, Hisbulla and others know the ‘unlimited value’ of our country (රටකට අවශ්ය අපමණ අගය).

Seek not from those who stake so much on hatred and vengeance an ‘unlimited value for our country’.  

Exchange Value
Today it’s Lansa and Arundika.  Tomorrow, perhaps, SB and Susil.  The day after?  Well, we could have Ranil and Maithri.  And while we are in this business of exchanging, wouldn’t it be nice if party loyalists can switch parties en masse?  

Post-Election Sri Lanka
A new country, certainly.  A new country plagued by an old disease.  

Democracy Re-defined
Democracy: A process which displaces twelve million people of a single country (or half its population).  For example, Syria. 

A Strange Creature
He is the General Secretary of a ‘green’ coalition led by Ranil Wickremesinghe. He is also the nominee to the Constitutional Council of the leader of the ‘blue’ party, Maithripala Sirisena.  Champika is therefore Ranil’s right-hand man as well as Maithri’s right-hand man.  A strange beast indeed. 

Bye-Bye Reconciliation
A person consumed by hatred who is a convicted fraud has been put in charge of ‘reconciliation’ — that’s how serious this government is about that ‘little matter’.

Ranil’s Lichchavis
The cabinet ministers, deputy ministers and state ministers are the Lichchavis of the 21st Century.  That’s according to Ranil Wickrememsinghe.  

Harsha and Geography
Dr Harsha de Silva promises ‘an economy-centered foreign policy’.  One would have though his first visit would be to China.  He’s gone to Hong Kong.  Part of China, true, but still! 

Thieves and Murderers
According to CBK, Maithri is the only clean SLFPer; all others are either crooks or murderers or both.  Therefore all the SLFPers who were given ministerial posts by Maithri are crooks or murderers or both.  Some generosity!

Replacing a Real Mahinda Regime with a Fake Mahinda Regime.  Note: ‘Fake Mahinda’ = Maithri-Ranil-CBK Triumvirate. 

Ranil’s Memory Loss
Has Ranil forgotten the recommendations made by friends he appointed to investigate alleged wrongdoing by friends he appointed to high places?

Hang Them Both!
Let us unreservedly condemn the release on bail of two bus drivers who planned and executed to perfection the crime of smashing into a PSD Defender from opposite times.  They should both have been hanged in court itself. Right?