10 June 2016

Three-wheelers are tortoises and hedges are sentinels

One of the greatest delights in my brief career as a journalist was writing for the kids' section of 'The Nation'.  I wrote over fifty articles in my last year at that newspaper.  I have resumed the series, which is now published in www.nightowls.lk.  Scroll down for other articles in this series. 

Three-wheelers are certainly not the fastest vehicles on the road.  On the other hand they are not the slowest either.  In certain situations they can be faster than bigger and more powerful vehicles.   We have all seen three-wheelers weave in and out of traffic haven’t we?  It’s a small vehicle and therefore can squeeze through tiny spaces.  In fact sometimes three-wheelers are like traffic policemen.  For example, if there’s a block at a roundabout it’s often a three-wheeler that seizes the opportunity provided by a slower vehicle coming from the right to cut a path for the vehicles behind it.

Anyway, we really can’t say that three-wheelers are ‘slow’.  And yet I think of three-wheelers as tortoises.  I’ve seen them everywhere, especially in what are calls ‘Three-wheel Parks’, where these little scooter taxis line up and await their turn for a hire.   If you happen to be walking on an overhead bridge, say in the Fort, or looking out of a top floor window of a tall building, and observe the movement of tuk-tuks you might understand what I am trying to say.  If you can re-play their movements in slow motion you’ll understand even better.  For me, three-wheelers are tortoises. 

Hedges are sentinels, especially if they are made of separate bushes.  They are like a row of silent security guards.  It helps if you look at them early morning, just as dawn is breaking, or late evening, just after the sun has gone down.  At such times, from a distance, to me, they are like a row of well-build men, determined and disciplined.  Their job is to guard houses or properties.  They don’t move from their ‘spot’.  Yes, hedges are security guards. Sentinels.

Now you might think all this is silly.  You may be right. 

Place a tortoise next to a three-wheeler and it would be laughable to say they are similar.   If you see a security guard standing near a hedge around noon you will not see any similarity between the man and the bushes. 

But I insist that it is fun and useful to look at something and imagine it is something else. 

Rain drops hanging from an electricity wire after the rain has ceased look like precious stones on a necklace.  The little streams that appear from nowhere during the rain are rivers and the pools them run into are oceans.  An anthill is a mountain.  The communication devices around the house are actually magical windows which open to all kinds of wonderful lands and worlds.  The footprint you leave in the dust will be erased by the play of dust with wind and rain or simply by other feet that walk the same path you did; and in that erasure you learn that time passes, things change.  A footprint is therefore a classroom and a teacher. 

Pens and pencils are really people, only they have lead and ink for blood.   The tiles on a roof are related to the earthenware pots in the kitchen, because they were all born of the same mother: our earth. 

There are walls that speak to us about separations, safety and security.  There are hedges that are on guard.  And on our roads we get snails and we get zebras, horses and donkeys, chicken and pigs.  We get three-wheelers too, but they are really tortoises. 

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