19 June 2016

Stop and say hello to an angel

One of the greatest delights in my brief career as a journalist was writing for the kids' section of 'The Nation'.  I wrote over fifty articles in my last year at that newspaper.  I have resumed the series, which is now published in www.nightowls.lkScroll down for other articles in this series.
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Close your eyes and think of angels and fairies.  What would you imagine?  A delicate, amazingly beautiful creature with the most wonderful smile, with a pair of wings attached to shoulders fluttering around with a wand, right?  Can you see a shimmering light and a halo?  The angel moves. No, no, no.  Floats.  That’s the word.  Or ‘glides’.  There’s music too.  Soft melodies that make you think of mountains rolling down into flower-laden valleys through which streams with crystal clear water flow. 
Open your eyes.  See any angels?  Well, speaking strictly for me, I’ve fervently believed in angels and fairies.  I spent years looking for signs of their passing.  I’ve checked under mushrooms to see if tiny fairies that are supposed to gather under them had left behind a shoe.  I have believed that the intricate pattern of dew on gossamer is a fairy-creation.  When things that cannot but go wrong somehow come right I’ve wondered if it is the work of angels.  
I still believe in angels and in fact I’ve seen millions of them.  They sometimes float around, they wear dresses of different colours and dance with the wind. They breathe in and out, they sing with the wind, they never complain however harsh they are treated by us (in our ignorance) or by the elements.  The just give and give and give. 
You’ve seen them too, I am sure, but maybe you haven’t recognized them to be the angels that they are.  This is because they are nothing like the pictures of angels you’ve seen in books or on the internet or in movies.  And they are right before your eyes -- that’s the strangest thing.
Leaves.  What do you know about them apart from the fact that they come in different colors and shapes?  Well, scientists will tell you that they are like little green chemical factories which use the energy of sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into compounds such as sugars and of course oxygen, the stuff you and I breathe and cannot live without.  That’s like a fairytale isn’t it?  The truth is, it is positively angelic of these little green things we see all the time but don’t even bother to acknowledge. 
Every leaf of every tree, bush, fern or houseplant you’ve ever seen has produced lots and lots of oxygen.  Indeed, even the grass on which you walk is an oxygen factory.  Yes, it’s an oxygen factory that you’ve stepped on.   It’s a whole host of angels that the gardener just mowed down.  But don’t feel bad.  They are angels.  It is not easy to get rid of them simply because they are made of love, they allow us to breathe even if we want to pour concrete over them. 
You don’t have to, but next time you walk, remember angels.  The next time you look around you, feel blessed.
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Anonymous said...

Sun rises and say
'its time to wake up'
a glass of water
all done by plants
breathe in and out
non other than oxygen
exchanged with angles
sun ,plants, bees and butterflies
are busy too.
producing for next day.

sun sets and say
its time for a rest ...

Aren't we the part of
Fairies and Angles ??

Without saying 'I'

Can't we be the part
of Fairies and Angles ?